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Professional Grounds Maintenance Services

Keeping the exterior appearance of your building well-kept is crucial for maintaining a welcoming and professional look for employees, patients and other visitors — especially in the medical and dental field, where customers value organization, cleanliness and care. At Strategic Grounds Management, we’re dedicated to working closely with you on all your building’s exterior property management needs, from landscaping to parking lot upkeep and even snow removal.

Since 2015, we’ve been the premier grounds management company serving a wide variety of business owners throughout 17 states. Our combined 20 years of experience has allowed us to cultivate extensive knowledge on how to best serve these industries, particularly those throughout the medical and dental professions. We pride ourselves on the 24/7 personalized one-on-one attention we provide for all our clients, our exceptional organization and communication skills and our extensive network of vendors and employees to quickly and adequately serve any property location, no matter where it is.

With Strategic Grounds Management as your trusted exterior property maintenance provider, you can expect to eliminate exterior maintenance costs, save precious time and know you’re receiving the most efficient exterior management services available.

Medical and Dental Office Ground Maintenance and Landscaping Services

Part of maintaining the appearance of your building and preserving its integrity is to have regular ground maintenance performed by professionals — with routine ground maintenance, you establish a positive brand image with a lasting impact for visitors. No matter how many medical or dental branches you’re responsible for managing — or how close they are in proximity — the team at Strategic Grounds Management can assist you with any exterior ground maintenance or landscaping needs you may have. Our company is fully insured, and our vast network of professionals can help you with any of the following maintenance tasks:

  • Landscaping:

    The cornerstone to any pleasing and well-maintained property is proper lawn care and landscaping upkeep. We specialize in a wide range of landscaping services including routine mowing, debris cleanup, irrigation and aeration, tree and bush care and pruning, as well as mulch applications and plantings.

  • Parking Lot Care:

    Make your parking lot safer and easily maneuverable for guests with our effective parking lot maintenance services, including sweeping and portering, debris removal and annual restriping. Eliminate any hazards by filling potholes and resealing cracks.

  • Pressure Washing:

    With our pressure washing services, you can always keep your building looking like new construction. Our affiliates use state-of-the-art pressure washing tools and techniques to thoroughly remove any graffiti, loose paint, dirt buildup, mold and mildew and other forms of grime.

Efficient Snow Removal Services

A winter storm can strike at any moment, leaving your parking lots and walkways covered in inconvenient and dangerous layers of snow. Strategic Grounds Management is always up-to-date on the latest weather forecasts to keep your lots clear of powder and safe for accessibility. We specialize in snow plowing, deicing treatments and shoveling and removal to ensure your parking lots stay snow-free during a storm.

For Attentive Exterior Management Services, Call Strategic Grounds Management

At Strategic Grounds Management, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer experiences marked by one of a kind solutions for all of our clients, 24/7 responsiveness and reliable, high-quality grounds management services for any medical or dental chain. We offer a variety of plans depending on your specific needs and budget, including seasonal and year-round options. To learn more about our medical and dental ground maintenance services, call us today at 800-264-3894 or complete our online contact form.

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