Gas and Convenience Stores

Pressure washing concrete floorGas stations and convenience stores see a significant amount of visitors and traffic flow per day, and it’s crucial to properly care for your exteriors and maintain and exceptional, clean and welcoming appearance to keep getting repeat business. The driveway, parking spaces, dispensers, garbage cans and exterior quality of your building are the first things customers notice. When those things are dingy, many customers may drive past to a competing location that looks more pleasant and clean.

Keep your gas and convenience stores looking immaculate and well-kept with the grounds maintenance experts at Strategic Grounds Management. We have more than 20 years of combined experience working with a wide range of gas stations and convenience stores nationwide, and we understand the proper techniques and methods to keep your property in top-quality and attractive condition. Our team works closely with you to determine your unique needs, and we customize maintenance plans to fit your operational expectations and budget.

In addition to our 24-hour responsiveness, fully insured operations and expansive network of professionals, with a grounds maintenance company you can also benefit from saving on operational costs, ensure consistent quality control and be more time efficient. By trusting us with your exterior property management needs, you can add value to your property, keep your structures sound and drive more customers to use your service.

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Commercial Grounds Services for Gas and Convenience Stores

Having well-manicured and green landscaping acts as an inviting welcome mat for those driving by and looking to fill up their tanks. By keeping your landscaping maintained and cared for, you show employees and customers you value your building’s appearance and want to create an inviting environment. At Strategic Grounds Management, we can help you with any landscaping needs for your gas and convenience store locations. Our services include mulching,  planting, mowing, tree and bush care.

Parking Lot Maintenance and Asphalt Repair Services

Part of operating a chain of gas and convenience store means having well-paved, smooth and easily accessed surfaces for your customers to maneuver to gas pumps or to safely park. We want to keep your surfaces well-maintained and safe for all visitors with our comprehensive list of parking lot maintenance and repair services. Our knowledgeable team specializes in a wide range of parking lot maintenance services, including:

  • Asphalt repair and maintenance
  • Parking lot resealing and crack sealing
  • Catch basin repairs and installation
  • Parking lot restriping
  • Debris removal

Snow Removal

When you own or operate a gas station or convenience store, it’s crucial that your customers have easy and safe access to your gas pumps or interiors regardless of the weather conditions. During snow storms, you can trust the professionals at Strategic Grounds Management to quickly and efficiently remove all of the snow from your property, giving unblocked access to all necessary fixtures of your location.

We specialize in snow plowing, shoveling, deicing strategies and heavy snow equipment use. Our company is fully insured to ensure safe, reliable snow plowing services. We’re also a member of the Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA) with a certification in snow removal, guaranteeing we use the best practices and tools available.

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To ensure you have the most comprehensive, skilled and helpful convenience grounds maintenance services nationwide, call the experienced professionals at Strategic Grounds Management. We pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of exterior management services customized to fit your needs, and we can service any multi-location gas and convenience store chain no matter where they’re located. Schedule gas station and convenience store maintenance today by calling 800-264-3894 or filling out our online contact form.

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