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Photo of gloved woman hand holding weed and tool removing it from soilCustomers expect financial institutions to be organized, responsible and sustainable, and the exterior of your banking properties can often reveal the type of experience customers are likely to have — whether they consciously acknowledge the exterior quality of your building or not.

Keeping your bank chain properties looking well-kept is often an indication that the banking operations of that particular chain are running smoothly and that the property managers take pride and care in the exterior quality of their locations, giving guests a comfortable and clean place to perform business. By outsourcing your exterior property management needs, you can save time, lower operational costs and be more efficient in maintaining a consistent image across all banking locations.

At Strategic Grounds Management, we have more than 20 years of combined experience working with bank chains to streamline and improve their grounds maintenance services. We pride ourselves on providing personalized one-on-one attention for all of our clients with 24/7 accessibility for all maintenance or emergency needs, and we have flexible plans to best suit your banking chains budget and needs. Our expansive network of vendors and employees allows us to efficiently, reliably and knowledgeably serve any banking locations you oversee, no matter where they’re located

Grounds Maintenance for Banks

When you trust Strategic Grounds Management with your exterior property management outsourcing needs, you can expect clean, functional and attractive environments. We provide seamless support for all your bank chain branches, giving consistent quality you expect to promote a strong brand image and lasting positive customer impressions.

We offer several bank chain grounds maintenance services for our customers, including:

  • Landscaping Maintenance and Installation:

    Part of establishing a clean, trusted and respected bank chain is having a well-manicured and pleasing landscape that draws your customers inside. We offer seasonal as well as year-round landscaping maintenance plans designed to keep your properties looking green, lush and immaculate. Part of our landscaping services includes routine mowing, mulching and plantings, irrigation maintenance, pest control and tree and bush pruning and care.

  • Parking Lot Upkeep and Asphalt Repair

    Traffic at banks can often become a hectic mix of those trying to easily park and go inside, access the ATM or drive up to the teller windows. Having clearly marked traffic directions and vibrant striping can assist with safe traffic flow and prevent inconveniences and confusion. Keep your parking lots efficient and looking well-cared for with line restriping, catch basin repairs and maintenance, pothole refilling, asphalt repairs, crack sealing, debris removal and sealcoating services.

  • Snow Plowing and Removal:

    Unexpected winter storms can leave your parking lots and walkways hazardous and inaccessible to employees, customers and other bank visitors. With the proactive and watchful team at Strategic Grounds Management, we can assist you in developing efficient snow removal and deicing treatment plans to keep your lots and walkways safe for pedestrians. We’re a certified snow professional designated by the Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA) and specialize in snow plowing, shoveling, heavy equipment use and deicing.

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If you’re a property manager, receptionist or facilities manager looking for bank chain grounds maintenance, trust the professionals at Strategic Grounds Management. We work with a variety of banks nationwide, and our streamlined process is designed to be more efficient, cost-effective and time-saving while promoting aesthetic consistency across all banks in your location. Plus, our responsive and helpful team of account managers work diligently 24 hours per day to meet all your specific needs.

Schedule grounds maintenance services for your banks today by filling out our online form or calling us at 800-264-3894 to speak to a team member.

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