Line Striping and Curb Painting

Empty Public Parking Lot with Orange LinesParking lots are one of the first details of your property noticed by customers, clients and other guests when visiting your building. Having freshly painted and vibrant stripes is attractive, emphasizes safe traffic practices and shows that the property manager appreciates regular maintenance upkeep. Lots and line striping directs drivers safely through the parking area — marking key areas that pedestrians and drivers should note, like loading and emergency zones, crosswalks, pickup areas and proper parking spaces.

To help maintain the appearance and functionality of your property parking lots, trust the experienced exterior property management professionals at Strategic Grounds Management. Our team of in-house highly skilled and helpful professionals has more than 20 years of combined experience working on a variety of properties from banking to grocery stores and even restaurant chains, retail centers and dental and medical locations. We specialize in offering responsive, streamlined and effective exterior property maintenance services designed to help you cut overhead costs and save time, so you can focus on core business initiatives.

Parking Lot Line Striping Services

While line painting may not seem a crucial step in regular parking lot maintenance, keeping the lines fresh and easily visible ensure smooth traffic flow, improves property value and shows that any pavement surface repairs have been completed, and the area is ready for efficient daily use by both visitors and the property owner.

When having new pavement marking services performed on your property’s lots, there are several painting details to consider, including:

  • Maximizing Available SpaceWhen deciding to repaint your lots, consider whether you should reconfigure the current layout to achieve a better design that fits as many cars as possible into the lot to ensure cost-effective operations. With the right plan and asphalt marking, your parking lots can achieve this goal.
  • Achieving Efficient Traffic: Visitors to your business want simple, spacious parking so they can enter, park and leave the lot safely and efficiently. By adding easy-to-spot parking stalls, directional arrows and handicapped-reserved spaces, you can effectively direct traffic and ensure efficient daily operations.
  • Marking Designated Parking Spots: Before marking your asphalt, consider whether you need special parking spots marked for specific customers, employees or other guests.
  • Adhering to ADA Guidelines: Make sure that before pavement line striping has begun, you’ve factored in the correct amount of handicapped-accessible parking spaces and required van spaces needed for your lot. Owners can factor this by having the minimum amount of parking spaces per 1000 square feet of the utilized space.
  • Considering Layout Options: For most property owners, designing your parking lot to have the maximum amount of parking spaces is the primary goal. However, depending on your business operations the maximum number of spaces may not be the most practical option. Parking spaces with a straight-in layout allows for the most amount of spaces and two-way traffic, and they're also simpler to layout and stripe. By opting for angled stalls — painted at a 45-, 60- or 75-degree angle — are often the preferred design for many businesses because they're simpler for drivers to turn into and back out of, require a narrower space and can have a more controlled, less chaotic traffic flow that may be appealing to many property owners.

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For all our commercial line striping services, we use only the highest quality materials and skilled, helpful professionals to ensure your parking lot striping is performed efficiently to ensure safe and organized traffic. At Strategic Grounds Management, we’ve been the premier exterior property management company serving commercial properties throughout 17 states, and we pride ourselves on providing the most responsive, effective and focused services available to ensure your multi-site properties maintain their pristine condition.

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striping parking lot
striping parking lot