Asphalt Repair

Asphalt patch repair. This image shows a tamper/vibrating machine compressing a new asphalt patch.

Commercial Asphalt Repair Services

Keeping your business’s asphalt parking lots and driveways in good repair is about more than just aesthetics. If your parking lot is damaged or needs repairs, you impact your business’s daily productivity and create inconveniences and safety hazards for employees and visitors.

At Strategic Grounds Management, we offer a wide array of exterior property management services, including commercial asphalt repair and maintenance for businesses. Our team has more than 20 years of combined experience managing the unique needs and repairs for a variety of industries. We’ve worked with medical and dental locations, retail centers, restaurant chains, grocery stores, bank branches and gas and convenience stores.

With our comprehensive commercial asphalt repairs, you can:

  • Save time and money, allowing you to focus on daily operations, larger business goals and fostering customer relationships
  • Have access to a large network of professionals dedicated to providing top-quality and dependable asphalt and pothole repair services
  • Experience the peace of mind and limited liability associated with working with a fully insured company experienced in managing a variety of facilities 
  • Account representatives who work closely with you to create customized solutions and flexible seasonal or year-round maintenance plans
  • Access customer service representatives 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Worker use vibratory plate compactor compacting asphalt

Benefits of Asphalt Maintenance for Businesses

Asphalt is more than just a slab of pavement for parking cars — it’s a long term investment in your commercial property. Regular parking lot repairs can save you on costs, as well as:

  • Prevent water infiltration and pavement erosion
  • Reduce instances of cracks and potholes
  • Minimize pavement crack exposure
  • Prevent premature asphalt removal and replacement and 
  • Ensure a long lifespan for your parking lot.
  • Add value, productivity and lot stability to your property

With proper maintenance and repair, your parking lots can last at least 20 or more years.

Commercial Asphalt and Pothole Repair Services

Asphalt is the best material for surfaced parking lots because it’s cost-effective, strong and durable. With the routine repairs and maintenance, parking lots can withstand large loads and heavy daily use for at least 20 years.

Patching your parking lots is a common asphalt repair need on areas with potholes. Potholes occur in your parking lot when water seeps into the pavement through unsealed or improperly sealed cracks. As the water freezes, expands and enlarges the crack. When the freeze melts a large hole is left. Pavement surrounding the pavement then collapses into the void and forms a pothole.

With parking lot repair services from Strategic Grounds Management, you can have your unsightly and potentially hazardous potholes and asphalt repaired quickly, efficiently and effectively. By addressing your potholes early on, you can prevent the void from becoming larger and more damaging.

One of our qualified contractors will fill the hole with a hot or cold asphalt mix — depending on the temperature and site location — and then compact the mixture with a vibratory roller or plate.

Reach Out for Your Pothole Repair Needs

At Strategic Grounds Management, we believe in providing our customers nation-wide with high-quality, dependable services intended to keep your building looking new and protect your investment for many years. To learn more about our exterior property management services, call us today at 800-264-3894, or complete our online contact form to request asphalt maintenance for your business.

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