Parking Lot Maintenance

Empty car parking lots, Outdoor public parking.Part of your business’s daily operations involves customers arriving to your building, and for safe and effective use, you need to ensure your parking lots are well-maintained. Parking lot maintenance can be as simple as removing unattractive and possibly hazardous debris from the surface to extensive repairs like pothole refilling or crack sealing. The team at Strategic Grounds Management offers not only comprehensive exterior maintenance services for commercial properties but also regular parking lot maintenance. Protecting your parking lot means you’ll ensure lot stability, prevent water damages from crack seepage and ensure the maximum lifespan of your parking lots, saving you in costly premature replacement.

With more than 20 years of combined experience, the team at Strategic Grounds Management understands the unique needs and expectations of different commercial owners throughout the country. We can assist you with any exterior maintenance needs, large or small. Our team of in-house account representatives is dedicated to always providing attentive and customized services to all of our clients. With us as your trusted commercial parking lot maintenance company, you can save money long-term, have access to 24-hour services, perform more efficient work orders and always have access to the most knowledgeable, trusted and dependable parking lot maintenance specialists in the industry.

Commercial Parking Lot Maintenance With Strategic Grounds Management

For many, parking lots are just a place to leave their car while they complete errands or appointments. But to commercial property owners, these pieces of paving are an investment, representing potential liability issues, property value, safety concerns and regular repairs.

When you choose to work with Strategic Grounds Management, we protect your investment and keep every parking lot in pristine condition — performing regular maintenance to prolong the longevity of your lots and minimize costly repairs. We preserve parking lots for a variety of commercial properties including grocery stores, banks, retail centers, medical and dental locations and gas and convenience stores.

Our comprehensive commercial parking lot maintenance tasks include:

  • Sweeping, Cleaning and Debris Removal: By removing debris and excess dirt, you not only create a more pleasant appearing lot, but you also remove damaging dirt that can settle in cracks and degrade the asphalt.
  • Asphalt Repair: As you notice large or small asphalt repair needs like potholes, trust one of our vendors to fill in the hole to prevent damages or injury adequately.
  • Concrete Work: Our team can assist you with several concrete projects, including curbing, painted concrete and stamped concrete.
  • Restriping Services: Keep up efficient and steady traffic flow with freshly painted traffic lines and parking space outlines applied once per year.
  • Sealcoating and Crack Sealing: With sealcoating and crack sealing services, our affiliates use the latest tools and materials available to fill nicks, grooves and cracks that can worsen over time, prying smaller cracks into more significant issues. With fresh sealcoating, you can have not only a pristine black surface, but also asphalt that's protected against deterioration and damaging elements.

Keep Your Parking Lot Pristine With Strategic Grounds Management

Let the professionals at Strategic Grounds Management help you with your commercial parking lot maintenance. Our highly trained and trusted affiliates only use the best industry tools, materials and equipment available to give you quality solutions, preserving the integrity and appearance of your parking lots for many years. To learn more about our parking lot maintenance offerings, fill our online form to request additional information or call us at 800-264-3894 to speak to a team member.

Asphalt patch repair. This image shows a tamper/vibrating machine compressing a new asphalt patch.