Commercial Landscaping

Customized Commercial Landscaping Services for Multi-Location Businesses

Strategic Grounds Management specializes in commercial landscaping services for multi-location businesses. We offer high-level, quality exterior property management solutions for all of your commercial properties, no matter where they are located.

We can coordinate the necessary services to keep the exterior of your businesses in the best shape from spring to fall. Our range of commercial landscaping services include the following:

  • Commercial lawn care
  • Mulching and planting
  • Landscaping cleanups & debris removal
  • Bush and tree maintenance
  • Irrigation system installation and maintenance

Contracting commercial landscaping services can be a headache when you have multiple property locations to manage. Instead of relying on multiple vendors with different levels of expertise, consolidate your relationships and reduce costs with a partner like Strategic Grounds Management.



Commercial Lawn Care

Your commercial lawn care needs may vary between your different properties depending on the season and your location. We will create a custom lawn care plan for each of your sites to ensure your business is always projecting the right image. In addition to regular mowings, our lawn commercial lawn care plans will include the following services as needed:

Mulching and Planting

Flower bed planting and mulch installation is an easy way to give your property's landscape pops of color and charming details that will enhance curb appeal. We do more than install your flower beds, we will also take care of irrigation maintenance and weeding to ensure your landscape features look fresh and lively all season long.

Reapplying mulch seasonally helps your flower beds stay healthy all year. This is helpful because it:

  • Prevents soil erosion, allowing your plants to absorb the necessary nutrients
  • Conserves water by retaining more moisture
  • Keeps weeds under control, leading to less time needed for weed pulling and pruning
  • Gives your flower beds a uniform, attractive look

Landscaping Cleanups & Debris Removal

Between the weather and seasonal changes, your commercial landscaping will need routine maintenance year-round. Leaves fall in autumn, and summer storms can bring down tree branches. This yard waste and debris are more than an eyesore; it is also a hazard to your employees, customers, and clients. Clearing it away immediately keeps your business looking professional and ensures that visitors are safe.

Our debris removal services will clear away branches, leaves, twigs, and other material from your lawn, parking lot, flower beds, and walkways. Whatever attention your property needs, we will keep it looking pristine at all times.

Commercial Grounds Maintenance

Bush and Tree Maintenance

Trees and shrubs need regular maintenance to remain healthy and keep their vibrant appearance. However, bush and tree maintenance is about more than aesthetics. Overhanging branches and dead tree limbs can create safety hazards and cause property damage. In a worse-case-scenario, they can present fire hazards. Tree trimming also prevents fallen debris, which can adversely affect lawn health and attract unwanted insects. Some of our services include:

  • Bush pruning and trimming
  • Tree trimming
  • Planting
catch basin repair
Commercial Grounds Maintenance

Irrigation System Installation and Maintenance

To keep your commercial property looking its best all year, you need sprinkler and irrigation systems in place. And those systems need to be installed and maintained. Sprinkler heads need to be cleaned, pipes need to be winterized then dewinterized, and the list goes on. Our reliable irrigation specialists will take care of that for you so you never have to think about changing a sprinkler head yourself. 

Our team is available to perform the following tasks and more:

  • Identifying your landscaping irrigation needs and designing the most effective system
  • Installing your irrigation system
  • Completing routine checks of the system and running diagnostics to ensure that it's running to full capacity
  • Repairing the system to get it back in top shape if any issues occur
  • Preparing the system for coming cold weather with winterization work
  • Dewinterizing the system once warmer weather has returned.

Common Area Maintenance (CAM)

Common area maintenance (also known as CAM) is a never-ending task. With the dawn of each season comes a unique set of challenges that present themselves to commercial properties and respected managers. Strategic Grounds offers a host of different solutions to keep your property clean, safe and professional at all times of the year.

All Your Commercial Landscaping Services Under One Roof

Having a well-defined scope of work and maintenance plan is critical to the success of any landscaping program. If you manage locations in different regions, chances are you’ll need several different maintenance plans and scopes. Our team will design and implement strategies to fit the individual needs of each site in your portfolio, no matter the physical location.

You can trust Strategic Grounds Management to keep your properties looking pristine. Contact us for more information and begin taking advantage of our professional services today.

commercial landscaping services
commercial landscaping services