Tree & Bush Trimming

Bush and Shrub Maintenance

Maintaining a beautiful, vibrant outdoor space can play just as large a role in your business image as a building's interior appearance. Out of the many responsibilities associated with lawn care and landscaping, grooming and caring for bushes and shrubs is often a top priority. After all, assorted shrubbery and bushes are versatile garden options that establish character, add privacy, help with the transition between wooded areas and lawns and mesh with your other flora, like flowers and trees.

If you need a cure for your property maintenance woes, Strategic Grounds Management will create a customized plan of services and arrange to service your property at your convenience. We'll work to fulfill your needs and stay within your budget requirements.

What Kinds of Services Can We Handle?

Your bushes, shrubs and trees might not be the first aspects of your property maintenance that immediately come to mind, as grass, flowers and weed removal often take precedence. However, you'll need to invest an appropriate amount of time and resources to bring your landscape together as a healthy, cohesive unit. Some of our services include:

  • Bush pruning and trimming: Taking a pair of hedge trimmers and lopping handfuls of branches and leaves off is no way to go about plant care, and we have experts who understand that. When you invest in commercial shrub and bush trimming and pruning, our landscapers will carefully carry out both services with the utmost care. Pruning is more about cosmetics and shaping the shrubbery into a clean design, while trimming gets rid of larger branches to help increase the plant's overall health.
  • Tree trimming: Much like their smaller brethren, trees need regular maintenance to remain healthy and keep their vibrant appearance. However, this service holds a more important purpose as well — safety. Unsafe, overhanging branches can not only create hazards that endanger people and property but also present fire dangers. Trimming also prevents fallen debris, which can adversely affect lawn health and attract unwanted insects.
  • Planting: If you feel that your properties need new greenery, you'll be happy to know that we arrange for planting services as well. Our experienced professionals take into account your surroundings and suggest the best species for your area, which increases the likelihood that you'll receive a longer life out of them while maintaining your desired look.

Trust Strategic Grounds Management With Your Commercial Shrub and Bush Trimming

You'll never be out of the loop when you work with us, as we value detailed communication above all else. From start to finish, we're committed to forging an ongoing partnership with you and keeping all of your services in check.

The days of miscommunications and shotty service are over when you work with Strategic Grounds Management. No matter how many locations you have or how far away they are from each other, our knowledgeable staff — which has more than 20 years of experience — will handle the responsibilities without issue. Contact us today to discuss the options that we can offer you.

commercial landscaping services
commercial landscaping services