Mulching & Planting Services

Curb appeal plays an important role in all kinds of property ownership. For example, A homeowner preparing to sell their home who gives their exterior an upgrade will likely attract more potential buyers than a homeowner whose exterior is not as well-maintained or attractive.

The same principle applies to business owners. If the outside of your business is unattractive or shabby looking, it may turn away potential clients or customers. It doesn't matter if you have a superior product or service — if a competitor's property looks better, people may choose them instead of you.

When you give attention to your company's exterior, it will grant your business the curb appeal to attract customers and clients. An attractive landscape and proper exterior maintenance is key to giving your business the appeal it needs. Keeping your parking lots and walkways safe, regularly mowing the lawn and building hardscaping all contribute to your business's exterior beauty. Other simple yet classic elements to your landscaping are flower beds and seasonal mulching.

Commercial Flower Bed Planting

Planting in flower beds is an easy way to give your property's landscape pops of color and charming details. However, the process can be a little more complicated than you might think. There are all kinds of different plants and flowers to add to your landscaping. Each type needs the right amount of water and sun and lives in a certain climate. Trying to figure out what and where to plant may take up more time than you have, taking your attention away from other matters.

Give Strategic Grounds Management the task of planting flower beds on your business's property. We'll find the right flowers, shrubs and other plants to give the property the perfect look, and we'll help them live happily in the climate and terrain. We'll not only install your flower beds but also ensure that they receive proper care year-round. From installing an irrigation system to weeding, we'll keep your flower beds and other landscape features looking their best — an important landscape design process for both new and established businesses.

Mulch Installation

A great way to keep your flower beds in the best condition possible is by routinely installing mulch. Here are some of the main reasons to regularly install mulch on your property. It:

  • Prevents soil erosion, allowing your plants to absorb the necessary nutrients
  • Conserves water by retaining more moisture
  • Keeps weeds under control, leading to less time needed for weed pulling and pruning
  • Gives your flower beds a uniform, attractive look

Mulch can be made from organic or inorganic materials, depending on the type of look you want. Stones, chips, plastics and straw can all be used. It's important to note that reapplying mulch seasonally helps your flower beds stay healthy all year. Fortunately, Strategic Grounds Management is ready to take on your property's flower bed planting and mulch installation right away. To learn more about our mulch services for new store locations, get your questions answered or set up services for your existing location with us, contact us today.