Landscape Construction & Hardscaping

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Many different elements go into your business's exterior. Everything from the parking lot to the grass and flowerbeds can affect your customers' or clients' experience with you, so shouldn't you do everything you can to make sure that everyone who visits or drives near your business has the best experience possible? Of course you should.

There are two main types of landscaping — softscaping and hardscaping. When people think of landscaping, most imagine the trees, flowers, bushes and other natural, "soft" elements of an exterior — the softscaping. However, most people forget about the hardscaping elements, like parking lots, walls, walkways, benches and fountains.

While a person likely won't describe a bench or sidewalk as "beautiful" like they would a flowerbed, your business's hardscaping is just as important as the softscaping. All of the landscaping elements together create an attractive, functional and safe exterior for your business.

At Strategic Grounds Management, we're your commercial hardscaping professionals, here to help design and make a reality the perfect hardscaping for your business - new or current. Whether you're revamping your property or recently purchased a property, our professional hardscape installation services can tackle either need with exceptional results.

Landscape Design for New Businesses

Before breaking ground, you need a detailed design for the landscaping of your property. Everything from flowerbeds to the entrance of your business will be included in this plan. Softscaping and hardscaping elements must all be involved as well.

If you were to tackle one but not the other, adding different elements later on could be challenging. For example, if you focus solely on hardscaping, you may miss opportunities to incorporate softscaping elements into a certain area. You might lay out a parking lot that optimizes only space when you could have also added touches of raised flowerbeds to give it an extra detail.

Trying to add other elements after work has been done doesn't always work. You can delete, move and add in designs, but you can't do it as easily — or as cost-effectively — as you can from the start.

While we're helping you design your business's landscape, we want to make your vision for the exterior a reality. We can make recommendations if you're not quite sure where to start. We aim to help you create the perfect combination of softscaping and hardscaping to make your property beautiful and functional.

Hardscape Installation Services

Once the designing and planning stage is finished, the actual work can begin. Typically, hardscaping is done first because it requires the most physical work and change to the current terrain.

Strategic Grounds Management is ready to complete the following hardscape installations:

  • Leveling the land to get it ready for the work to be done
  • Pouring cement or concrete for your parking lot and sidewalks
  • Constructing fountains, as well as preparing and connecting piping to a water source
  • Building gazebos or decks
  • Creating retaining walls for decoration or functionality

Once your business's hardscaping elements are complete, we can plant trees, flowers and bushes as well as mulch and lay grass.

If you wish to learn more about our services and how we can design and install your property's landscaping, please contact us today.

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