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Commercial Grounds Care

Commercial grounds care is a year-round general service composed of individual services based on seasonality. It ultimately allows businesses to keep an attractive and accessible storefront throughout the year. Proper commercial grounds care will ensure that your property is safe and inviting while also retaining its value. As weather patterns change from hot, windy months to cold ones that bring rain or snow, building exteriors, parking lots, sidewalks, and green spaces are exposed to many different elements, each damaging in their own way. With all of this exposure, properties will begin to damage if businesses fail to contract with a commercial grounds care company to maintain the premises and make immediate repairs as they surface.

When commercial grounds care services are being performed on an ongoing basis, with the right crews initiating the right preventative strategies, cleanup, and repairs, you can focus on growing your business and maximizing your profitability.

What is Commercial Grounds Care?

Commercial grounds care is a comprehensive service that multi-location businesses rely on to ensure a safe and welcoming experience for their customers and employees throughout their entire portfolio. The best commercial grounds care companies offer more than just standard lawn maintenance services but instead perform a number of grounds care tasks, complete with a year-round strategy to ensure routine upkeep. An approach like this will also help fight seasonal risks that threaten commercial properties.

Companies like Strategic Grounds Management provides one easy solution to fulfil all of your commercial grounds needs. Partnering with Strategic Grounds Management eliminates the additional cost and time-waste necessary to handle the grounds maintenance on your own. Commercial grounds care can be especially complicated when multiple locations are involved. Finding a commercial landscaping company that specializes in providing custom strategies for geographically diverse locations is an ideal solution for businesses.

Commercial Grounds Care for Multi-Site Companies

One of our two core services is commercial grounds care for multi-site companies. Running your business is especially challenging with more than one location; there is a lot to take care of. When you let Strategic Grounds Management cover your grounds care needs, it's one less thing for you to worry about.

We can coordinate a number of services to keep the exterior of your businesses in the best shape. A well-maintained exterior will help your location attract more customers and clients.

What are Routine Grounds Care Services?

Besides mowing and basic lawn care, grounds care services should include more exterior maintenance which should be completed on a regular basis. Some routine grounds care maintenance that we provide includes:

  • Clearing debris: If you live in a windy, rainy climate, clearing debris from your property is necessary to maintain its aesthetic while also keeping it safe for clients, customers and employees. We work hard to bring your property back to its best condition in the springtime or after years of neglect.
  • Seasonal Cleanups: Clearing and removing debris from your property in the spring and fall months helps maintain a healthy and attractive landscape throughout the entire year. 
  • Weeding: Landscape beds provide a great opportunity to spruce up your property with flowers and plantings. They can also turn into a weed-filled eyesore if not properly maintained.  We'll visit your locations to weed your flower beds and other areas to keep your plants healthy and your landscape looking its best.
  • Mulching: There's nothing like the look of a freshly mulched landscape. Mulching will not only make your exterior look great but also help with the health of your flowers, shrubs and trees. We will take the time to prep your beds, including edging and removal of any debris. 
  • Shrub and Bush Maintenance: Over time, your shrubs and trees can become unruly. Scheduled routine maintenance of your shrubs and bushes will keep your property looking sharp and professional.

We also offer tree trimming, landscape construction, irrigation maintenance and install, and more. With routine commercial grounds care, you'll know that your properties are always looking their best.

Commercial Grounds Care Plan for Properties

Before we just jump into your commercial grounds care, we'll create a unique maintenance plan for your property. If you have more than one location, we'll orchestrate a strategy for each one. Creating a plan helps us strategize and prioritize the projects that we need to take care of in your commercial grounds care for each property. This process is especially helpful if your properties are located in very different areas.

With a specialized maintenance plan for all of your commercial properties, you can rest assured that you're getting the best grounds care for each one. Trust Strategic Grounds Management. Contact us for more information or to begin taking advantage of our services.

Commercial Grounds Care Under One Roof

When companies are able to invest in all the commercial grounds care services they need, from the same provider, they will save money and valuable time. As you know, dealing with multiple vendors creates opportunities for communication gaps, a lack of alignment, and excessive spending. When it comes to improving your bottom line, contracting with a single commercial grounds care company that offers all of the services you need, for every season, is critical to your growth and scalability. Every business has their unique needs and goals when it comes to commercial grounds care, but most business chains in America rely on these fundamental services:

  • Snow removal
  • Ice removal
  • Lawn care
  • Exterior property services (building / structure)
  • Parking lot maintenance
  • Sidewalk and curb maintenance
  • Common area maintenance
  • Catch basin repair
  • Tree care / removal

Each of these services requires a unique approach based on the season, the current condition of the property, and the goals held by each company. This is why it is critical to partner with a commercial landscaping company that knows how to weave their core services into a holistic strategy designed to help every business achieve its goals and present a safe, welcoming environment for customers, guests, and employees.

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Commercial Lawn Care

One of the core services to any commercial grounds care strategy is lawn care. Commercial lawn care is a prime service that ensures your exterior property presents a welcoming presentation that won’t turn off your customers, guests, and clients. If you have dead grass, overgrown lawns, weeds, or lawn debris, you automatically give people the impression that your store is in equal disarray. A poorly kept lawn also tells your customers that you don’t care about the look of your business, and this often leads people to believe that businesses don’t care about their products, customers, and employees. Maintaining a well-manicured look for your lawn will give people the impression that you care about the details, and your overall business presentation.

Look for commercial lawn care services that can be regularly scheduled to keep your grass in the best condition. A good commercial grounds care company will monitor all environmental factors and roll out a lawn care strategy designed to keep every property looking its best.

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Ongoing Commercial Landscaping Services

Besides basic mowing and lawn services, commercial grounds care companies should be performing a number of other services on a regular basis. As part of a full service landscaping program, Strategic Grounds Management also offers the following services:

  • Seasonal Cleanups: The best commercial landscaping companies work hard to bring your property back to life in the springtime, and also remove the debris and leaves that accumulate during the fall season. These cleanups are critical to the health and overall appearance of your properties landscape. 
  • Weeding: Well maintained mulch beds and planters add some great curb appeal to any property. However, without the proper preventative care and maintenance, they can also turn into weed filled eyesores.  As part of our maintenance programs, we’ll weed your beds and other areas to keep your plants healthy and your landscape looking its best.
  • Mulching: There's nothing like the look of a freshly mulched landscape. Mulching will not only make your exterior look great but also help with the health of your flowers, shrubs and trees. 
  • Shrub and Tree Maintenance: Without the proper care, your shrubs and trees can become unruly. We prune your flowers, trees, and shrubs in order to maintain peak health and appearance. We also work with your team to install or remove any plants of your choice.

With routine lawn care maintenance and the right commercial grounds care strategies, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your properties will always look their best.