Common Area Maintenance (CAM)

If you're a real estate developer or another kind of property manager, creating a welcoming and clean environment for all of your tenants should be your number one priority. That said, common area maintenance services are often wide-ranging, and it's only intensified if your properties are spread throughout a wide geographic area that might not be accessible to one company. Dealing with several business locations will only further cut into your busy work schedule, and it opens your business up to all kinds of potential errors.

If you're tired of stretching yourself thin throughout every season of the year, Strategic Grounds Management would be happy to assist you. Since our founding, we've taken our formula as a service management firm and expanded it across the United States, and we're just getting started. Our experienced and knowledgeable professionals commit the necessary time, effort and attention to complete your project.

What Kinds of CAM Services Can We Handle?

Outdoor maintenance is a never-ending task, as each season brings its unique challenges to residential and commercial properties and their managers. Ignore one issue for too long, and you might draw the ire of your tenants, which can only add to your stress levels.

To help you out, we facilitate a host of different services to keep your property clean, safe and professional. Here are some services you can choose from:

  • Snow removal: Snow might make for a beautiful sight to behold, but many tenants often see it as an inconvenience that gets in the way of everyday life. We arrange plowing, shoveling and deicing to keep your property's parking lots, walking paths and other areas safe and unobstructed for everyone.
  • Landscaping: Three seasons out of the year, maintaining your property's lawn and other green space will often take precedence as tenants spend an increasing amount of time outside. Keeping your lawn immaculately mowed, irrigated and maintained will not only ensure good grass health but also support the integrity of your professional image. We also offer tree and brush care as well as planting and mulching.
  • Other services: Sprawling properties with a lot of buildings often create the need for maintenance and care, which is why we also set up other services that you might need from time to time. These services include concrete work, pressure washing, debris removal and much more.

Trust Strategic Grounds Management With Your CAM Landscaping Services

You need to find a maintenance firm that you can trust, and Strategic Grounds Management is the one for you. Clients have hailed our customer service for its attention to detail, readiness for action and dedication to finding appropriate solutions, and you'll experience no deviations in that regard. Our knowledgeable staff, which touts more than 20 years of experience, will be available whenever you need it most, and our diverse portfolio gives us the confidence to find unique ways to hurdle any obstacles you present.

Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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