Commercial Grounds Maintenance

One of our two core services is commercial grounds maintenance for multi-site companies. Running your business — especially with more than one location — is a lot to take care of. When you let Strategic Grounds Management cover your grounds maintenance needs, it's one less thing for you to worry about.

We can coordinate a number of services to keep the exterior of your businesses in the best shape. A well-maintained outside appearance will help your location attract more customers and clients.


Commercial Lawn Service

A big part of your exterior maintenance is regularly mowing the lawn. An overgrown and unruly lawn could turn off potential customers and clients. If it appears that you don't care about the look of your business, they may think you won't give them the best experience working with you. Keeping your lawn looking immaculate will give them the opposite feeling — your attention to detail will transfer to how you'll treat them.

First impressions matter. Make them count.

We'll schedule regular mowings to keep your lawn in the best condition possible. If your area gets more rain than usual, your lawn will need more attention. We'll monitor how often we need to mow to make sure your lawn is always looking its best. But your lawn care isn't just about mowing. If you're seeing brown patches or less healthy grass, we can help improve it. We'll schedule aeration and seeding to keep your grass looking great.

Routine Grounds Maintenance Services

Besides mowing and lawn care, there's more exterior maintenance that should be done on a regular basis. Some routine grounds maintenance that we do includes:

  • Clearing debris: Whether it's the fall and there are lots of leaves on the ground, or you live in a windy, rainy climate, clearing debris from your property is necessary to maintain its aesthetic while also keeping it safe for clients, customers and employees. We work hard to bring your property back to its best condition in the springtime or after years of neglect.
  • Weeding: Flowers and other plants add a lot of beauty to your property, but with nice plants come the bad ones. We'll visit your locations to weed your flower beds and other areas to keep your plants healthy and your landscape looking its best.
  • Mulching: There's nothing like the look of a newly mulched landscape. Mulching will not only make your exterior look great but also help with the health of your flowers, shrubs and trees.
  • Improving shrubs and trees: Over time, your shrubs and trees can become unruly. We'll step in to prune your flowers, trees, and shrubs and keep the lines of the beds looking pristine. We also will install any plantings that you wish.

We also offer tree brushing and trimming, landscape construction, irrigation and more. With routine maintenance, you'll know that your properties are always looking their best.

Exterior Maintenance Plan for Properties

Before we just jump into your grounds maintenance, we'll create a unique maintenance plan for your property. If you have more than one location, we'll make a plan for each one. Creating a plan helps us strategize and prioritize the projects that we need to take care of. This process is especially helpful if you have more than one property, especially if they're in very different areas.

With a specialized maintenance plan for all of your commercial properties, you can rest assured that you're getting the best attention for each one. Trust Strategic Grounds Management. Contact us for more information or to begin taking advantage of our services.

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