Your Winter Recovery Plan: 6 Essential Maintenance Tasks for Spring

After harsh winter weather, your property will likely need some serious commercial landscaping. Below is a checklist to help you revive your building’s outdoor spaces for spring.

Top Commercial Landscape Maintenance Tips

1. Deal with Winter Damage

A long season of snowfall and ice can cause a lot of damage, from potholes to broken or loose pavement, broken or damaged plants, pest infestations, etc. A thorough property assessment to identify winter damage is essential so you can take the proper steps to prevent further damage, prevent injuries, and rejuvenate plants that are suffering.

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2. Spring Clean-Up

The harsh winds of winter can leave behind quite a mess, and an unkempt environment gives an impression of a neglected business. Leaves, sand, branches, debris, dead plants, and other waste need to be cleared away and disposed of properly. This will leave you with a clean, attractive compound while improving airflow and sun exposure for healthy lawn and plant growth.

3. Weed Treatment

Spring is the right time to apply a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent weeds like crabgrass from sprouting. That’s because weeds can be tough to kill once they are established. Some people may not want to spray chemicals, especially in a public area or vegetable garden. You can weed by hand if the area is small since the ground is still moist from snowmelt or spring rain. When applying an herbicide or fertilizer, make sure to post signage, so people don’t accidentally ingest the chemical. 

4. Mulching

Mulch breaks down into the soil during winter, and that’s after a long season of sun that fades its color. Spring is the best time to apply a fresh new layer of mulch onto your flower beds and around trees. Mulch is quite beneficial for landscaping as it helps soil retain moisture, prevents temperature fluctuations in the soil, suppresses weed growth, and has an aesthetic value.

5. Preparing Irrigation Systems

Proper irrigation is key to a beautiful landscape as it keeps your plants and grass lush and green. A great commercial landscape maintenance tip for spring is to ensure your irrigation system is in optimal working condition. An irrigation system tune-up involves assessing the system for wear and tear, checking the water pressure, and checking the valves, controller, nozzles, and sprinkler heads to ensure there are no blockages, leaks, and that they function properly.

6. Update Your Contractor List

Most commercial property or business owners don’t have the time or expertise to carry out the required landscape maintenance. It’s best to work with a professional landscaper to help you keep things looking and growing best. To find the right contractor, start with checking their credentials. Are they certified, insured, and licensed? Secondly, read online reviews and ratings on independent websites to know the quality of work a particular contractor offers.

Commercial Grounds Care You Can Trust!

Are you looking for a holistic winter recovery plan to achieve a safe, beautiful, and welcoming environment for your customers, employees, and guests? Well, consider none other than Strategic Grounds Management. We provide all kinds of commercial landscaping services and will work with you to determine what’s suitable for your property. Contact us today or download our free Spring Maintenance Checklist to learn more!
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