Your Snow Plowing Contract – Always Read the Fine Print

During winter, commercial snow plowing services are vital. Managing to keep your business open during winter snowstorms is critical to your success. While many plowing contractors are available, their services and the commercial snow plowing contracts often differ.

It’s crucial to work with a commercial snow plowing service provider who understands your company’s requirements and budget. Here are essential details to look for when comparing contracts with commercial snow plowing contractors.

Snow Plowing Contract


Without insurance, you and your company are responsible if an accident occurs while your snow clearing contractor is working. Ensure that you double-check with their insurance company and the insurance section of their contract before hiring them. Remember, snow removal is not covered by landscaping insurance. Using a snow removal service does not absolve you from responsibility.


Know precisely what the contract entails before you sign it. Many businesses may charge a customer based on the size of the parking lot or square footage on which they have to perform the work. Some companies impose a single price for the entire season. You can’t always predict the severity of winter storms, so it’s important to know how your commercial snow removal company is charging you before one hits. 

Standard Pricing Plans:

  • Per event – If you live in an area with erratic ice and snow patterns or a lot of extreme weather events, you’re probably familiar with this pricing strategy. With a “per event” pricing plan, the cost is dictated by pre-determined pricing based on the total accumulation after each snow event.
  • Per service – You’ll be charged for each separate service that is completed. In areas where snow and ice may be less frequent, this pricing method is popular with contractors. 
  • Seasonal – An all-inclusive pricing structure. This set seasonal price is often paid out in monthly installments. Prices will be more expensive in areas with higher average seasonal snow totals. 

Services and Event Scope

Some contractors may insist on performing work only when at least two to three inches of snow or ice have accumulated. Discussing the deliverables, and knowing contract constraints, such as the trigger amount for plowing services, is crucial. Hire a dependable commercial snow plowing contractor who will discuss the framework of the contract and deliver on their promises.

Snow Plowing Contract

To Haul Snow or Stack

The size of your property has a significant impact on opting for snow removal or hauling. After snow events with high accumulation, larger sites may have areas where a business can strategically stack snow, while more minor, compact sites may require snow to be hauled off-site to clear parking spaces and drive lanes. These services are often above and beyond the normal scope of work, so pricing details should be discussed pre-season and evident in your contract.

Pre-season Arrangements

Making arrangements with a commercial snow plowing contractor ahead of time may prove essential in the long run. Having a pre-season plan-of-action that extends into the winter months can help ensure a smooth transition from one season to the next. Many snow removal companies lack seasonality planning and contract acknowledgment. Lack of planning during temperature-vulnerable months can prove to be disastrous for your company, especially when it comes to deliveries and loading dock areas. 

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