Why Strategic Grounds is Your Best Choice For Multisite Property Management

If you’re managing a business with multiple sites, the last thing you need is to deal with maintenance services from multiple companies. Strategic Grounds Management is committed to being your one-stop-shop for top-quality commercial property maintenance

Your properties’ exteriors serve as your customers’ first impression. Although we’ve been taught that “it’s what’s on the inside that counts,” a well-maintained storefront can help get the clients through the door. While you work hard to meet their needs, we’ll work even harder to create a welcoming, tidy, and safe landscape that keeps them coming back!

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Flexible Service Offerings for Multisite Property Management

If you have many brick and mortar locations across a wide geographic area, each site may have unique service needs. Whether you’re looking for ice removal in the wintry north or needing to repair a baked and cracked parking lot in the south, Strategic Grounds is proud to be your top choice. 

Strategic Grounds Management has the expertise and equipment needed to keep your properties beautiful and safe. By working with one company for your landscape, repair, and snow removal needs, you’ll be delivered consistent quality with no hassle or surprises. 

Our flexible pricing options mean that you won’t pay for services you don’t need. We’re proud to serve large franchises and up-and-coming, locally-owned chains. When you choose to work with Strategic Grounds, we’ll work one-on-one with you to select the best maintenance plan that ensures your properties are taken care of on-time and within your budget.  

Quality Grounds Service When and Where You Need It

We happily serve all 48 states of the contiguous U.S. As your company grows and expands, you will not have to fear inconsistent property management. Strategic Grounds will grow with you and provide the same level of quality service that your customers associate with your brand. 

We also pride ourselves on our 24/7 responsiveness. We know that a maintenance emergency can create an unsafe environment and hinder your ability to meet customers’ needs. Our customers can reach us at any hour to request help or ask questions. Safety and quality should never be put on hold. 

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Fully Insured and Highly Experienced

We have over twenty years of experience across our nationwide team. Our vendors and workers are highly experienced and fully committed to providing you efficient and reliable maintenance service. 

Strategic Grounds Maintenance also comes fully insured. This means that you’ll be left with incredible landscape and storefront transformations, with no risk. If an employee or client experiences a slip and fall accident as a result of incomplete snow or ice removal, your company will not be held liable. We also have commercial auto insurance and general liability protection. We’re confident in the services we provide and want to pass that assurance on to you. 

Strategic Grounds Management

If your business is in need of multisite property maintenance, landscaping, or a routine service provider, contact Strategic Grounds Management today. We serve all businesses from gas stations to retail, hotels and medical facilities, and we’d be honored to add you to our legacy of success. 

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