Why NOW is the Time to Start Thinking About Commercial Snow Removal

The sun is shining, the temperatures are rising, and soon enough, we’ll be wiping the sweat and heat off our faces. So, why are we talking about snow? For many businesses, commercial snow removal can become complicated and costly if not planned ahead of time. The best time to start planning for winter maintenance is late summer toward the end of August. This may seem early in some parts of the country, but you’ll be glad you took the initiative now instead of waiting until the last minute. 

Check out these five reasons why NOW is the time to start thinking about commercial snow removal.

commercial snow removal

Better Accessibility and Visibility for Accessing Properties

It’s easy to do a comprehensive assessment on your property in summer to identify potential safety risks that would otherwise be covered in snow. It’s also more comfortable to walk around the property when it’s warm and spend enough time and effort to carry out the assessment. The contractors should observe the property during the day and at night and even provide preventive measures to minimize snow and ice effects. If you wait till there’s snow covering the ground, it can be hard to identify high-risk areas, not to mention those that need clearing or to be prioritized when a snow/ice-related problem occurs.

Securing Resources

Commercial snow removal services require a wide range of equipment to control ice and clear snow, including bobcats, graders, loaders, sanding trucks, etc. Find out the types of equipment the contractor might need to use on your property and whether or not they have them. What about the size of their crew or the type of vehicles they have? Ice-melting products such as salt will also need to be secured early on as they become scarce in the winter months. In short, you want to partner with a company that is fully prepared to meet your winter needs.

Enough Time to Gather Multiple Quotes

You want the best possible deal when searching for a commercial snow removal company. And, the best way to do that is to collect bids from multiple contractors. Focus on competitive, properly-equipped companies that have the necessary expertise and resources to service your property. Let each of them conduct a comprehensive property assessment and establish how they intend to deal with your snow clearing requirements. What is their main plan and backup plan? Doing this in summer will give you enough time to properly vet the contractors and choose one who’s best-suited for the job.

Get a Better Deal

Like any other seasonal business, snow removal companies see a surge in clientele during the winter season. If you wait till then to plan snow removal, you might end up being charged more or having to wait longer for services. Making snow removal arrangements early on will save you money on cumulative fees and even give you more service options.

Commercial Snow Removal

Get On ‘The List’

Snow and ice contractors can only take on so many clients as they have limited trucks, equipment, and workforce, not to mention a day only has 24 hours. Reputable companies usually have crowded schedules that include serving clients who renew their contracts every year. If you want to partner with the best, you’ll need to hire them early before they are fully booked for the entire winter season.

Take Action Before It’s Too Late!

Here at Strategic Grounds, we provide all kinds of commercial landscaping services to keep your property attractive and safe so you can get to business as usual. Snow is a given in the winter; the question is how much. Starting your snow and ice management plan early is the best way to ensure your property, employees, and customers are well-protected. So contact us today to begin your assessment process.


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