Types of Snow and Ice Removal Equipment You Need This Season

Every year, there are millions of workplace slip and fall accidents, and most of them are due to ice and snow. When such accidents occur, they can result in life-altering injuries or death to customers and staff. Such injuries can affect productivity as employees may require time away from work to recover. This is why it is crucial for business owners to invest in commercial snow removal to ensure their staff and customers’ safety.

However, before hiring a snow removal company, you should confirm that they have the best equipment for your properties. Read on to find out the main snow and ice removal equipment you should inquire about.

Snow and Ice Removal Equipment

Though there are many ways to deal with snow and ice, here are the top pieces of equipment for commercial snow removal:

1. Snowplow

When it comes to commercial snow removal, snowplows are arguably the most common and reliable pieces of equipment. Snowplows are mounted on vehicles to enable the user to clear snow or ice from roads, parking lots, and other areas. Once the plow has been mounted, the angled blades push snow out of the way, thus clearing the path. 

They are especially effective when used for clearing large areas or during times of heavy snow. However, they are best used on flat and strong areas such as parking lots and roads that can support a truck’s weight.  Make sure your provider has access to enough snowplows to effectively service your lot. 

2. Front End Loader

Snowfall varies depending on the region. In some areas, the snow volume is considerably high, and ordinary snow and ice removal equipment may not be effective. This is where a front end loader can come in handy.

Though they’re not originally designed for snow removal, they’re effective when dealing with a lot of snow. With the front end loader, snow is scooped from the ground and deposited in another area that does not need clearing. They are ideal for businesses as a lot of snow can be cleared in a relatively short amount of time. Loaders can also be equipped with a large push box. These are effective in clearing and maintaining properties with a large square footage. Although a front end loader may be more expensive than a standard plow truck, the efficiency of the work will far outweigh the cost and will save you time and money in the long run. 

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3. Skid Steer

Skid steers are a type of equipment mainly used in construction sites to clear debris. During winter, they can be used for snow removal and to great effect. For it to be used for snow removal, an attachment must be added. Skid steers can easily transition between a bucket for stacking snow, a push box for plowing large areas, and even a snow blower when necessary.  A skid steer is suitable for zones that experience major snowfall

A skid steer is a very effective piece of equipment for moving large amounts of snow, in tight and complex properties. Skid steers can move more snow than an average plow truck, but can also get into tighter spaces than a large loader. 

One of the main benefits of skid steers is that they are compatible with a wide range of attachments. As such, your snow removal company will use the attachment suitable for your needs. More importantly, skid steers are flexible and can be used to clear snow in tight places.

4. Salt Spreaders

When it comes to ice, the best solution is applying compounds, such as salt and calcium chloride that can cause it to melt. Salt spreaders are pieces of equipment that cast salt and other ice-melting compounds, making the process easier. You’ll want to make sure that your provider has spreaders that can be mounted on the back of a plow truck, allowing large areas to be treated quickly.

Professional Winter Maintenance 

As you are looking for a snow and ice removal company, make sure they have the best equipment. More importantly, choose a company that offers all the maintenance services that you need.

Strategic Grounds Management is a company that offers full 360 commercial grounds care services. Contact us today for superior snow and ice removal and lawn care, catch basin repair, and all year round grounds maintenance services. 

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