What Hotel Chains Should Look for in a Commercial Landscaping Company

Commercial Landscaping Company

Any hotel chain regional manager knows how important it is to provide safe access to their property while presenting an inviting exterior. This requires regularity. One of the biggest mistakes made by inexperienced hotel chain managers is how they book services with commercial landscapers: they will schedule according to a time frame, such as twice a year or quarterly, as opposed to booking services based on the property type, size and seasonality. For most hotel chains, this approach is not effective and can even allow room for expensive damage to occur due to the lack of a custom approach designed for each location. This article is intended to help hotel chain managers in their search for the best commercial landscaping company that can be a true partner in growth. 

How Commercial Landscaping Companies Impact Hotel Growth

Maintaining a pristine property plays a significant role in your guest’s first impressions. With a well-executed plan and scope of work for your landscaping, your property will leave a positive and lasting first impression.

That said, commercial landscaping is a large-scale endeavor with multiple services, and managing all of these on a year-round basis can be very stressful when you also have to worry about budgeting, staff management, security, food and beverage services, spa services, and a plethora of other responsibilities. One way to enhance your workflow is by channeling some of those tasks to a commercial landscaping company like Strategic Grounds Management–a trusted service provider that operates as a service management firm. Our experienced and dependable professionals will handle all of your landscaping needs, year-round, on budget. By outsourcing these services to a firm like Strategic Grounds Management, you’ll also save money as employees can be delegated to perform other tasks critical to your brand’s growth. In addition, curb appeal is everything. According to a Quora survey, 9 out of 10 hotel guests admitted to judging a hotel’s room accommodations and quality by exterior first impressions. That said, it is critical to partner with a single commercial landscaping company that can provide lawn care, ice and snow removal, exterior facade care, parking lot and sidewalk maintenance, and a number of other services that are necessary to keep your property looking its best. 

Commercial Snow Removal Services

If you have hotel properties in regions that see snow and ice during the winter months, keeping your hotel safe and accessible to customers and employees should be a top priority. With this in mind, it’s critical to find a commercial landscaping company that will work with you to put together a plan of action for the snow season. A proper snow plan should include identifying high traffic areas, reviewing proper de-icing protocol, and implementing a communication plan for before, during, and after a snow event. A top notch commercial landscape and snow removal company will also come up with a preventative strategy for minimizing any costs and liability that comes with the winter weather.  For example, if the snow is not plowed and pushed to the correct areas, run-off and refreezing can result in dangerous and costly slip and falls, which hurt your reputation, and your bottom line. 

Make sure your commercial landscaping company is cognizant of any potential hazards and that they are addressed in the preventative care strategy designed to run as seasonal-based services are performed.

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