What Hospital and Healthcare Networks Should Look for in Commercial Area Maintenance Companies

According to US News Health Report, clean, peaceful exteriors and outdoor waiting spaces played heavily in their ranking of hospitals and health facilities. Investing in the best commercial area maintenance companies for multi-location healthcare facilities will play directly into your patient retention strategy, ability to attract new patients, improve safety conditions for your employees and patients, and help you improve satisfaction ratings. 

People don’t visit hospitals or doctor’s offices for fun or leisure purposes; most people are nervous, sad, anxious, and nobody likes waiting. That said, having pristine outdoor spaces, building facades, and parking lots will make a big impact on the quality of visits for your patients. This article is inspired to help healthcare management teams learn how to identify the best commercial area maintenance companies that can keep their properties looking top rate all year long.

What Services Should Commercial Area Maintenance Companies Offer?

The more depth there is to what services commercial area maintenance companies offer, the more capable and experienced they are to face any challenge that could come up, in any weather condition. Look for service providers that offer the following:

  • Exterior property maintenance
  • Lawn care and landscaping
  • Snow and ice removal
  • Parking lot repair
  • Sidewalk, curb, and asphalt repair
  • Parking lot striping
  • Common area maintenance (CAM)

Even if your businesses are located in areas that get little to no snow, it is still advantageous to invest in commercial area maintenance companies that offer winter services because the pure fact they are equipped and trained to do this demonstrates their true mastery of the art that is commercial grounds care.

Fast Response Time

It is critical you only consider commercial area maintenance companies that can quickly respond to repair needs. Administrations can suffer from millions in lawsuits when patients and employees trip and fall due to damage done to your exterior grounds. Medical clinics and office buildings, as well as hospitals, get tons of wear and tear in their parking lots, and on their curbs and sidewalks. Uneven surfaces, cracks and potholes can cause people to trip and fall down, as well as cause damage to vehicles in the parking lot. Repairing these surfaces required unique tools and equipment, the latest in modern techniques, and an experienced crew to get the job done right. 

Strategic Grounds is a full-service commercial area maintenance company for healthcare chains all over the country. Call us today to learn more about our services and when we bring to your properties that is truly unique.

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