What Gas Station Chain Managers Should Look for in a Snow Removal Company

commercial snow removal company

Snow and cold weather doesn’t keep people off the road, in fact, during the holiday season we often see an increase in travel. The demand for gasoline in the winter months can be lofty, especially around the holidays. Gas stations need to provide an easy and safe space for customers to enter the facilities, fill their vehicles, make convenience purchases, and get back on the road. 

The best way for gas station managers to ensure safe and reliable service is to look for a commercial snow removal company that employs the right strategies to keep business thriving. But what should operations look for when contemplating a partnership with a snow removal company?

This article will shed some light on the subject and outline the main consideration points to take on board. You can also find a useful guide to securing snow and ice removal services this season; 100% free to download!

The Best Snow Removal Company Performs Flexible, Scheduled Visits

Snow removal companies all operate according to their own sets of principles and operational guidelines. A low-quality service provider may only service your property once the storm is complete, or only serve when it’s convenient for them. A higher-quality service provider will schedule service dates and times, as well as provide you with 24-hour emergency services. Partnering with a company that has the flexibility and manpower to handle the ever-changing winter weather is critical. 

The reality is that nature doesn’t work within strict guidelines. Storms can amass quickly and take businesses by surprise. With fluctuating temperatures, thawing and refreezing ice, and scattered snow flurries, proper snow and ice management requires constant attention and planning. This is why gas station owners and management teams need to invest in a snow removal company that not only completes scheduled and expected services but can also respond to emergency calls and service needs. Also, look for a snow removal company that follows weather patterns and actually takes forecasts into account when advising on services. Being informed and knowledgeable about the local weather forecast is necessary to put a proper plan in place. 

Snow Removal Company

The Provider Should Offer the Right Snow Removal Services

In addition to being flexible with service appointments, gas station managers should make sure the snow removal company has the right staff, training, and gear to perform all necessary services. There are many different services that go into protecting a gas station’s exterior while ensuring a safe environment for customers and employees. In addition to basic snow removal, other services the grounds care company should offer include shoveling, ice removal and deicing services, snow stacking, snow hauling, and roof and canopy snow removal. 

Ice Removal for Gas Stations Relies on Best Practices

Finally, make sure the snow removal provider has the best practices outline for only utilizing the best methods and products for ice removal. From salting the parking lot to treating sidewalks to prevent ice buildup, it is important that the best chemicals and methods are used to ensure a safe gas station for your customers. 

We understand that at your property, there are different types of materials that can be used on certain surfaces. For example, your provider needs to understand the different chemicals that are safe for asphalt parking areas, fuel pads, and concrete walkways sidewalks. A quality provider like Strategic Grounds Management will know which chemicals are safe for your property while providing maximum protection from icy conditions. Your provider should also speak with you before the snow season, and identify which areas on your property are high traffic areas that may require additional attention throughout the season. 

Contact a snow removal company like Strategic Grounds Management today, and learn what the perfect strategy is for keeping your gas stations safe and inviting for a prosperous winter season.

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