What Businesses Should Look for in Commercial Landscape Services

If you are a business that has a parking lot, grounds, and an exterior presence, partnering with a commercial landscape services company can help you prevent two of the biggest killers of business that strikes retail and service-based businesses in America: a decline in customers, and legal problems. Successfully attracting scores of foot traffic and providing a safe shopping experience both within your store and outside its exterior surroundings will ultimately improve your bottom line, and commercial landscape services from companies like Strategic Grounds helps keep businesses booming with customers all year long, even in harsh freezing rain and deep snow. But from all the landscaping businesses out there that claim to specialize in servicing commercial properties, how can you be sure you are investing in a true service provider who knows the legalities and details of maintaining a business’s exterior area keeping the grounds safe for customers and employees, as opposed to the small-time or residential businesses that try to take on more than they can swallow?

This article is intended to help regional managers and store managers discover what their real needs are when it comes to hiring a commercial landscape services provider, and how to partner with a landscaping professional that is qualified and has your best interest at heart.

Commercial Landscape Services

Commercial Landscape Services Locations

One sure way to tell you are investing is a thorough, legitimate, skilled commercial landscape services provider capable of maintaining the largest spaces is to check their locations. Even if you find one company that has multiple statewide locations, or one that even has operations all over an entire region, a true master of commercial landscape services will have locations all over the country. Keep in mind that skill is everything when it comes to maintaining a commercial property’s exterior in harsh conditions. They need the right training, the best tools in the industry, and the manpower and logistics capable of doing a swift, flawless job. When you see a company dominating the East Coast you know they can tackle snow, but when you see a commercial landscape services provider from California to Massachusetts, you know they are well versed in dealing with all types of weather systems and conditions thus proving they are true experts that have grown and expanded by satisfying the needs of thousands of businesses on a countrywide scale.


The Best Commercial Landscape Services Providers Need to Take on Those Extra Jobs

Believe it or not, but many commercial landscaping companies only upkeep lawns and trim bushes. But is having a picture-perfect lawn going to attract customers and keep employees safe if your parking lot has potholes, or patches of ice? Look for a commercial landscape services provider that also specializes in maintaining parking lots. From de-icing your parking lot to doing parking lot striping, and to parking lot maintenance and concrete step repair, all the way to concrete crack repair on your storefront sidewalk, you need a company that can do it all, all year round.


When to Look for Commercial Landscape Services

While most businesses look for services in the winter months to handle snow removal from parking lots and concrete damage caused by ice, hail, and other frigid hazards, it’s wise to start looking in the spring and summer to find the commercial landscape services provider that can handle all of your properties at the desired times you need them the most. Many companies can book up quickly, so get a head start in planning to secure a partner who will have you covered and open for business before, during, and after snow and ice consume your commercial properties.
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