Understanding the Effects of Snowy Weather on Asphalt

asphalt repair company

Cold temperatures and freezing moisture can have a serious impact on asphalt and concrete surfaces. If your parking lot or walkways sustain damage during the winter season, you’ll need to contact an asphalt repair company once the warm weather returns.

But what kind of damage should you look out for and can it be prevented? This article will look at the effects of winter weather on concrete and asphalt surfaces.

What Snow Does to Asphalt

Several factors contribute to the damage wintry weather has on asphalt.

Overuse of deicing treatments

Rock salt, de-icers, and other products that quickly melt snow and ice are essential for making your property safe for driving and walking. However, over time they have a damaging effect on asphalt. Salt and chemicals such as magnesium and potassium acetates can damage asphalt surfaces when used too frequently. Make sure your snow and ice partner is taking necessary precautions.

Inexperienced snow plow operation 

Snowplows, another essential tool for dealing with harsh winters. However inexperienced snowplow operators can scrape and damage the pavement. This is why it is so essential to hire a professional snow and ice management company with the right experience and a good reputation. Make sure you do your due diligence when interviewing snow and ice companies.

Temperature changes 

One purely natural factor that wears out your asphalt is the repeated melting and refreezing of snow and ice. Snow can easily get into small cracks in the pavement which become larger cracks when the snow freezes. Thaw cycles are a nuisance to city roads and residential driveways as well as business properties.

asphalt repair company

Finding a Reliable Asphalt Repair Company

While it’s possible to minimize such problems by promptly removing snow and ice before it accumulates and using environmentally-friendly snow melting products, a severe winter is still likely to cause some damage. The most efficient way to deal with such problems is to find a reliable asphalt repair company in the spring.

An asphalt repair company can perform several important services to keep your property in better condition throughout the year. One of the biggest benefits of working with such a company is that they can provide you with many essential services under one roof. Here are some services they can provide:

  • Snow and ice removal.
  • Ground care and landscaping. This can include lawn care, commercial landscaping, and common area maintenance. Services can be for a single property or multiple properties.
  • Asphalt repair, including seal coating, pothole repair, resurfacing, and line striping.
  • Exterior pressure washing.
  • Parking lot maintenance.
  • Catch basin repair.

Getting all of your maintenance performed by the same trustworthy company has several benefits. It’s simpler for you and often more cost-effective. The company also has a chance to get familiar with your needs. This way, they know what to do at the right time, rather than having multiple services possibly getting in each other’s way.

Strategic Grounds Management will help you with all aspects of snow removal. To learn more about our services, feel free to download our free guide or contact us today!

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