Seasonal Maintenance Tips for Commercial Grounds Care

As the seasons change, so do our commercial grounds care needs. The temperature drops paired with changes in the weather can wreak havoc on your landscaping, irrigation, and asphalt surfaces. As such, you will need to adjust the exterior property maintenance routine in preparation for the fall and winter seasons. 

Here is some seasonal maintenance tip to follow:

1.  Prepare Your Lawn for the Harsh Weather

Winter can easily reduce your lawn to an unsightly field of grass. That’s why you need to prepare it to soldier through the cold season and emerge in spring looking healthy.

To begin with, you need to regulate watering once the temperature deeps. If you’re in a cold region, you may need to stop irrigating altogether.

You also need to mow and aerate the lawn to let the grass breathe before the snow sets on top. Applying a good organic fertilizer also gives it enough nutrients to last through the season.

Lastly, keep the lawn clean by clearing debris and leaves. This prevents the accumulation of water, which may breed diseases.

commercial grounds care autumn

2.  Hire an Expert to Maintain Your Sidewalks and Asphalt

It’s important to have an expert check over your concrete and asphalt surfaces before the icing and snowing begin. Any potholes and cracks need to be filled up as water seeping under may destroy the asphalt.

Again, if you have identified low areas where water pools up before, this is the time to have the areas leveled up.

You should also clear debris and leaves from the concrete grounds to prevent accidents. This also eases-up the clearing of snow when it starts falling.

3.  Prune Trees and Shrubs

When snow falls on trees, the branches become heavy and prone to breaking. Ensure you prune all the weak branches and clear the debris off the grounds.

The winds also wreak havoc on trees and may be risky, especially if they’re near buildings or parking areas. Make sure you clear any trees overhanging buildings to prevent potential accidents. This will also protect roofs from leaves that may fall and decay on them.

commercial snow removal

4.  Stock Up Maintenance Essentials

Business doesn’t stop during winter, so you need to keep the driveways and sidewalks clear and safe. Ensure you stock up enough essentials to care for your commercial grounds once the snow starts falling. This includes sidewalk salt, shovels, and any other materials that could run out once demand picks up.

Also, plan ahead by arranging a maintenance schedule with your commercial grounds management partner and make sure you are both on the same page as to who is responsible for what.

Strategic Grounds Management Has You Covered!

Cold weather subjects your commercial grounds to harsh elements. Thus, prior care is essential. To keep your premises looking great year-round, prep your lawn, plants, and concrete grounds to withstand the seasons.  

At Strategic Grounds Management, we are your go-to property maintenance experts. We lift a load of worrying over your commercial grounds care off your back, so you can concentrate on running your business.

Contact us today and get ahead of the season!

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