Property Manager vs Facility Manager: Which One Should You Hire?

commercial property maintenance

Property managers and facility managers are both important members of any commercial property maintenance team. Although both of them have similar duties, there is a clear difference between the two. Here’s what you need to know about property managers, facility managers, and which one is right for your property.

What is a Property Manager?

A property manager is hired by the property owner to take care of daily maintenance tasks related to the property. The property manager works closely with the owner, giving them regular updates about the property. They may also be in charge of the building’s maintenance budget and setting rent for tenants.

Property managers usually take care of light repairs and clean-ups around the building. A property manager also oversees any issues regarding the tenets of a property. They screen each tenant, collect a tenant’s rent, and settle complaints or concerns the tenant may have. Property managers also usually play a huge part in advertising the great qualities of a property to attract more tenants.

What is a Facility Manager?

Like property managers, facility managers are very concerned about the well-being of the tenants that occupy the building. However, they do not answer to the property’s owner, working with the tenant’s business owner instead. They oversee a facility’s staff, resolving any issues and making sure everyone has a safe working environment.

The facility manager also oversees the layout of a property’s interior, performing tasks like arranging furniture and any company equipment. Since facility managers are often in charge of multiple buildings, they also oversee moves within the tenet company’s building network.

commercial property maintenance

When Do I Need a Property Manager?

One of the biggest reasons a property owner hires a property manager is easier remote access. If you live far away from the property, it’s difficult to travel there and investigate issues yourself. Owning multiple properties can also be a headache if you don’t have a property manager to assist you.

If your issue is related to the building itself, a property manager is probably the best person for the job. Problems like a leaking roof or a fallen tree in the parking lot should be relayed to the property manager. Facility managers can still report these things to the tenant’s company owner. However, this owner will have to contact the property manager, who will ultimately resolve the issue.

When Do I Need a Facility Manager?

While property managers can handle some issues regarding tenants, the property’s occupants are the first priority of the facility manager. For example, a pipe may break in the restroom, flooding that entire floor. While the property manager calls a plumber to fix it, the facility manager moves everyone to another space to resume work.

A facility manager is also an important person to hire when performing renovations. While one building in a company’s network is being remodeled, the employees may need to move to another property. A facility manager makes this transition process as seamless as possible.

Commercial Property Maintenance for Multiple Locations

When you have several different business locations to manage, having some help managing individual properties is essential. Of course, understanding your true needs and knowing which role will benefit you the most helps to make the hiring process smoother.

Strategic Grounds Management specializes in commercial property maintenance for multi-location sectors. Contact us today to learn more about our experience and range of services.

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