Is Your Snow and Ice Management Partner Insured?

Snow and ice management is a treacherous process and is responsible for thousands of injuries every year in the US. To ensure your employees and clients are protected, it’s important to secure a reliable commercial snow removal company’s services.

Snow and ice management is also crucial in preventing damage to your property. So having a service provider that provides lawn care, common area maintenance, catch basin repair, exterior maintenance, and parking lot maintenance ensures that your property is well taken care of, regardless of the season.

When choosing a snow and ice removal company, it can be tempting to go for the most convenient pricing. While pricing is an important consideration, it’s not the only thing you should be concerned about. A great service provider should have the necessary resources, be proactive, and experienced to ensure all your needs are met. Is the shoveling crew big enough? Do they have access to equipment like plow trucks, front-end loaders, skid steers, and enough materials such as salt to last throughout winter?

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Why Your Snow and Ice Management Partner Should Be Insured

The biggest and most forgotten consideration in a snow and ice management company is whether they are properly insured. Insurance coverage is a big deal in business. It protects you from liability in the event of accidents or injuries on your property. But if your partner doesn’t have proper insurance, and someone makes a claim against the contractor or your business, you could be liable. To avoid putting your business at risk, ensure that your partner is properly insured.

Insurance coverage for snow and ice management is extensive, but here are three of the most important policies that your partner should be covered for:

1. Workers’ Compensation Insurance

The law in all states requires business owners to provide their employees with compensation insurance. This applies to employees and other workers under their direction. Workers’ compensation insurance covers medical expenses for employees should they suffer injuries when working for you. It also covers lost wages for works due to illness or injury. So make sure you double-check your partner’s insurance certificate for workers’ compensation.commercial snow removal

2. General Liability

General liability insurance protects you from third-party claims of physical harm and property damage. So if the contractors damage your neighbor’s property, you won’t be held liable for their negligence. It also protects you from liability in the event of injuries to staff and customers resulting from slips and falls. It can help pay for medical bills, judgments, legal defense, settlement, and other court-related fees.

3. Commercial Auto Insurance

Most snow and ice management companies are on personal auto insurance. This is problematic for you since the insurance carrier will deny any claim should a mishap happen, leaving the cost to you. So be sure to check the insurance certificate for commercial auto insurance coverage.

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