Is It Time to Repair Your Commercial Walkways?

Cracked or uneven walkways can be more than just visually unappealing. If left unchecked, they can pose a serious safety threat and leave your business liable for damages. 

But of course, sidewalks and stairways develop cracks all the time. So how do you know when your walkways are in need of professional concrete repair? This post will help you decide.

Concrete Repair in New England

Assessing the Pavement for Signs of Damage

There are many obvious signs of a damaged walkway, such as sunken areas, cracks, uneven spots, chips, or broken pavement. However, you really need to look at the extent of the damage. While a few chips might not necessarily warrant immediate attention, any significant breaks in the pavement can be hazardous. 

On the other hand, there are also signs that might need a professional eye to notice. For instance, an old pavement might be free of cracks and still pose a structural risk. 

Other times it can be unobservable damages happening gradually because of changes in the weather. In most cases, this can be attributed to the freeze and thaw cycles of winter

A few other winter-related issues you look out for include:

  • Spalling — this is the cracking, scaling, or flaking of the top layer of your pavement. It can be caused by using the wrong de-icing products.
  • Heaving — Frost heaves pose a threat to pavements by making them uneven and generating cracks. If left untreated, its effects could spread, damaging the pavement further or even create concrete depressions     

Instead of using products with chemicals harmful to your pavement, there are simpler ways to handle de-icing such as using sand or cat litter to combat the icy and slippery walkways. A commercial concrete and asphalt repair company would be more effective at handling these kinds of problems.

When Is the Best Time For Concrete Repair?

The best time to invest in concrete and asphalt repair is during the warmer months. You want to avoid freezing temperatures because moisture gets trapped and will expand when it freezes. This causes cracks and heaving. Not only will that ruin your brand new surface, the effects will spread and get worse over time.

If you think your walkways need professional attention, contact a professional grounds maintenance company to assess the damage. They will be able to tell what kind of repairs are needed and whether or not those repairs should be done now or at a later time. 

What Can You Expect From a Commercial Concrete Repair and Maintenance Service?

When you contract a professional, you hand over the responsibility of dealing with any concrete that may need maintenance on your property. This allows you to concentrate on running the business, saving you time and money.

There are many benefits of hiring a professional to handle maintenance and repair for your property. Besides saving you time, they make sure that even an old building is on par with new regulations. If you are looking to get such a service contact us today at Strategic Ground for guaranteed quality work on all matters of exterior property management.

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