How Much Does Commercial Grounds Care Cost? [Snow and Ice Removal]

Snow and ice can pose significant challenges for your business. Unplowed parking lots will keep customers away while icy sidewalks could result in slip and fall accidents. These are just some of the scenarios that could impact your business during winter. However, they are easily avoidable with inclusive snow and ice removal solutions.

Whether it is a small commercial lot, an apartment complex, or a large establishment, you need to find a service partner who is capable and flexible to your needs. One aspect you’ll want to pay close attention to is their pricing structure. 

This article will outline some of the different pricing structures you may encounter and what the benefits of each are.

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Pricing Structures for Commercial Grounds Care During the Snow Season

There are many different ways to price snow and ice removal services. When searching for a service provider to partner with, it’s important to understand how they will price their services. 

Most experienced and reputable snow removal companies will provide several different options to suit your needs. After all, customer needs will vary depending on the business type, lot size, location, and many other factors.

Here are some of the more common pricing structures you can expect to encounter:

Seasonal Pricing Structure

This is an all-inclusive option for the entire snow season. The flat monthly rate will include shoveling, plowing, and de-icing treatments. It allows you to predict your budget accurately for the entire season.

It’s also a straightforward pricing option when it comes to billing and invoicing. With this structure, you will receive an invoice at the end of every month (usually from November to March).

Per Event Pricing Structure

This pricing structure allows you to pay per snow event. Pricing is determined based on the total accumulation of snow after an event. The definition of what constitutes a “snow event” can vary from company to company, so make sure you are both on the same page, here. 

With a set pricing structure per event for each location or site and certified snowfall reports after every event, this is a pretty straightforward pricing structure that works well in regions where snowfall is less consistent. 

Per Service or Per Push Pricing Structure

Here, you pay each time a specific service is performed. For instance, you pay a set plow price each time a plow truck is sent to push snow or a shoveling price every time your sidewalks are cleared.

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Why Hire Strategic Grounds for Your Commercial Snow and Ice Removal

No matter who you hire to handle snow and ice removal on your property, it is important that they provide a variety of different pricing options. An experienced and reputable snow removal company will work with you to define a pricing structure that works best for your business. 

At Strategic Grounds Management, we strive to deliver the best possible results to our clients. We realize that clients’ needs for commercial grounds maintenance are unique and remain committed to working with you to formulate a plan and pricing strategy that meets those needs.

We are also willing to address all customer questions and concerns concerning pricing, invoicing, verification, and any other arising issue before the first snowstorm hits.

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