How Common Area Maintenance Can Avoid a Lawsuit in Your HOA

Insurance claims and a resulting rise in rates are often due to a business or Homeowner’s Association (HOA) negligence regarding common area maintenance. Lawsuits due to perceived risk are especially troubling. Even without a sound basis, they can wreak financial havoc due to the necessity of hiring legal counsel.

In addition to long-accepted liability risks, legal guidelines applying to insurance and court case rulings are still in the works concerning potential contraction of COVID-19 from communal spaces. Signed waivers making certain those who utilize public areas are aware of the presence of risk from injury or disease only offer minimal protection. 

Constant attention to common area maintenance is the best way to reassure visitors against the risk of an expensive lawsuit and make the space more attractive in the process. To reduce your risk of liability, we recommend keeping up with the following tasks:

Keep Pool Areas Sanitized and Clean

This is particularly important during the current pandemic. We all need ways to relax and ease stress, and swimming pools provide one of the summer’s most popular pastimes. HOAs are eager to reopen pool areas but worry about the perceived risk.

It has always been essential to take every precaution to keep pool areas free from debris. It is also important to ensure that all surfaces are being cleaned and sanitized constantly. Those precautions are particularly important this summer, with the added concern caused by COVID-19.

Concrete repair may be necessary to address fall risks and create a smooth, easy to clean surface. Pressure washing of the entire area on a regular basis should definitely be a scheduled maintenance task.

Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance

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Unkempt shrubbery and weed growth invite animal and insect pests that may harbor disease or harm visitors. They may make walkways treacherous or impassible. Dead tree limbs could fall on people or vehicles passing beneath them. Debris of any type from discarded weeds, excess grass clippings, and items left in common outdoor areas should not be allowed to accumulate.

Remove Snow and Ice Build Ups

Before the winter season takes everyone by surprise, HOAs should arrange for prompt snow and ice removal services. Slip and Fall incidents on wet or icy surfaces are some of the biggest liabilities that property owners face during the winter season. Failure to promptly remove frozen precipitation from sidewalks and parking lots often results in a lawsuit.  

Getting Help From the Experts

Considering the uncertainty we all face as we adjust to the new normal, it is more important than ever to keep our common areas looking attractive and comforting. After all, the current social climate has everyone feeling on edge, so anything you can do to calm the nerves of your visitors will give you an advantage.

Strategic Grounds Management serves the entire continental United States. Whether you have one location or several scattered throughout the country, we can help!

Contact us to discuss how we can help keep your HOA as free as possible from potential legal problems by providing superior grounds maintenance services.

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