Get a Head Start: Why Businesses Should Look for Commercial Snow and Ice Management Services Now

Right now we’re experiencing a heatwave across most of the country. But while businesses are cranking their air conditioners they need to keep in mind that in the months to come, snow and ice management services will be in huge demand, and the truly great exterior maintenance providers often get booked up well before the winter months. Late Summer and early Fall is the perfect time to contact a commercial snow and ice management company to secure a contract for the near future. 

As a business owner, store manager, or regional manager, securing established, reliable commercial snow and ice management services are crucial if you expect to continue making a profit year around. This article is intended to help managers who oversee hotel chains, shopping centers, bank chains, and any other business with multiple locations, learn the importance of securing a reliable, established snow and ice management company early in the year.

When researching commercial snow removal companies the first thing you want to ensure is their services don’t begin and end with plowing parking lots.

Commercial Sidewalk Shoveling Services

Your commercial snow removal company should also perform sidewalk shoveling services as a part of their exterior management program. If your sidewalk in front of your business isn’t kept clear of snow or ice, the safety of your customers and employees becomes jeopardized. In fact, snow and icy conditions can deter customers, sending them elsewhere. Providing proper shoveling services requires additional planning, crews, material, and labor. Coming to an agreement with your snow and Ice management team early in the season will ensure that a proper plan is put into place to maintain your sidewalks and walkways throughout the winter months. 

Snow Hauling and Stacking

Following heavy snow accumulation, there is often the need to re-locate or remove snow from your commercial or retail property. The stacking or hauling of snow is an important part of maintaining a safe and functional property during the winter months. Stacking and hauling snow will allow you to maximize the number of available parking spaces in your lot, while also maintaining clear and visible drive lanes, handicap parking spaces, and entryways and exits to your property. Stacking and snow removal requires the use of additional equipment on-site such as dump trucks, loaders, and skid steers. Many smaller, less-established providers will not have access to this type of equipment, making any hauling or stacking requests nearly impossible. By locking up an established snow removal company early in the season, you will ensure that your provider has the manpower and equipment dedicated to your property, making any stacking or hauling requests a breeze.  

Man with shovel cleaning snow

Proper Insurance Coverage and Limits

Having a snow removal and ice management provider with proper insurance coverage and limits is paramount to a successful snow season. Contracting with a provider who has proper coverage will ensure that your business will not be held liable for any potential claims. Over the past few years, insurance premiums for snow removal and ice management services have gone through the roof. In order to work around these higher costs many smaller, inferior snow and ice removal management companies have stopped carrying the proper policies and limits necessary for commercial and retail work. Companies that carry appropriate snow plowing coverages have become few and far between, and are in very high demand for commercial and retail properties. Beginning your search for a snow and ice management company early in the year will give you the upper hand when trying to lock in a provider with the proper insurance coverage to keep you and your business risk-free.

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