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Maintaining the exterior of your commercial buildings is just as essential as maintaining the interior. The asphalt and concrete surfaces of your building sustain damage over the years from continued use and require regular maintenance or complete reconstruction. With an experienced commercial grounds management team to handle your asphalt and concrete repair in New England, you can focus on core business activities. Proper grounds maintenance not only preserves the aesthetic appeal of your business grounds but also eliminates any hazards caused by cracks and potholes in concrete and asphalt. 

Why You Need Asphalt and Concrete Repair for Commercial Grounds

Over years of use and exposure, the concrete and asphalt used to design the parking lots, walkways, and external parts of your building may sustain damage. Potholes and cracks may appear due to corrosion, water infiltration, seismic movements, and pressure from heavy loads. Regular maintenance can save you on costs of full reconstruction and extend the lifespan of your asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Potholes, cracks, and debris are also hazards, which may implicate your company in slip and fall lawsuits. If an employee or a visitor suffers injuries due to poor ground maintenance, you may also lose talented employees and clients. 

Concrete Repair in New England

HOA and Condominiums Associations Works

The external appearance of your commercial property may also influence several aspects of your business. When clients visit your premises, they read the surroundings and form opinions about your property as a whole. Having well-maintained grounds speaks well to your professionalism. The parking, for example, is a common interaction point for many clients or tenants. Any vehicle damage arising from potholes in your parking lot, or cracked concrete surfaces may affect your image negatively.

In our experience, condominium or homeowner associations are a good example of what we state above. Potential homeowners will definitely appreciate if the property’s asphalt and concrete surfaces are in good condition. Strategic Grounds Management implements the finest workmanship to provide not only aesthetically great-looking results but also durable and functional. One of our team members can visit your location and give you a free, no-obligation quote. This quote also includes information about asphalt, striping, and paving as well as useful maintenance tips.

What should you look for in a Grounds Management Team?

Having a reliable partner by your side to fix all asphalt and concrete damage is essential. When looking for a suitable grounds management company, consider the following factors.

Capacity to provide a wide range of services in grounds maintenance. At Strategic Grounds Management, we provide parking lot maintenance, asphalt and concrete repair, landscaping, pressure washing, exterior painting, and crack sealing. More importantly, we maintain the property according to the seasons.

Flexibility At Strategic Grounds Management we work with you to schedule any work at a time that is convenient for you. We can also work on your project in stages so you will have access to your property throughout the entire process.

Experience with different clients in various industries. Aside from the HOA and Condominiums Associations, Strategic Grounds Management also has experience serving clients in the healthcare industry, retail chains, gas stations, restaurants, banks, condo associations, among others, within the New England area.

A reliable and experienced team: At Strategic Grounds Management, we have a large group of dedicated and experienced professionals who can identify and repair all cracks in your asphalt and concrete surfaces. We also repair any broken sidewalks, curbs, and concrete structures.

Authority in grounds maintenance. We have learned and mastered the art of commercial grounds maintenance. You can access our resources on grounds maintenance and learn how to take care of your commercial property.

24/7 availability: When you hire Strategic Grounds Management, you have access to 24/7 customer support and maintenance.

Quick response: Our team responds quickly to any asphalt and concrete repair requests.

Insurance: We are fully insured and ready to take on any liabilities arising from ground maintenance. What’s more, we have adequate insurance to cover several properties.

At Strategic Grounds Management, we provide reliable, affordable, and quality asphalt and concrete repair services. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial grounds maintenance services.
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