Does Your Maintenance Provider Use Facility Management Software?

Smoothly coordinating an extensive network of grounds maintenance vendors gives us the edge that multi-site commercial property owners rely on. Its core is simple: our unique application of Facility Management Software makes it possible to cohesively streamline regional asset management and most effectively distribute our resource network on a nationwide scale. Smart integration with companies’ existing IT systems enables our dedicated in-house account managers to work closely and personally with each site while providing 24/7, customized property solutions that serve a wide variety of multi-site commercial properties.

Facility Management Software

Facility Management Software – Cohesive Grounds Maintenance at Scale

The sizable scope of our network is also possible due to our robust but flexible size. Small, local contractors simply do not have our technological capabilities, and larger companies have slow, lumbering processes that make them inflexible. 

On the contrary, we’ve leveraged technology and communication systems – along with superb local vendor relations – to integrate with each client’s preexisting IT infrastructure and service portals, becoming highly responsive to each site’s changing conditions. At the speed of information, regional managers can strategically adapt their plans to match the needs of each site and coordinate their trusted, local maintenance teams accordingly – all from their computer or smart device.

The Fully-Vetted Team

The other end of that screen is a fully-vetted team of only the most dependable and trusted local maintenance technicians. We’ve built an exceptional group of highly responsive regional experts who use Facility Management Software to accomplish site-specific tasks with a bird’s-eye view. Because of our affiliate network’s nationwide scale, it is easy for us to modify teams and processes for regional and seasonal conditions to meet the changing needs of our clientele.

Preparedness is Key

Aside from these inherent benefits, our software also allows us to better predict the preventative care and maintenance cycles unique to each property, so we – and the property owners we serve – are never caught off guard.

Full-Service Technology for a Full Spectrum of Benefits

The ability to use the preferred technologies of each of our clients is what makes us capable of what otherwise would require multiple vendors (and a proportionate increase in property owners’ time, overhead, and expense).

Facility Management Software boosts profits, employee satisfaction, and customer experience for industries of all types. We’ve already taken the steps necessary to bring these benefits to the groundskeeping and facility-maintenance industries, allowing multi-site property owners the bandwidth needed to focus on their day-to-day operations with peace of mind.

Maintaining Facility Standards

Both regional and national property owners fully know how an impeccably maintained facility:

  • Improves safety and reduces liability;
  • Communicates excellence;
  • Creates an environment that attracts;
  • Drives profits;
  • Boosts morale.

Strategic Grounds Management generates all of these benefits by using enhanced asset management technologies that track maintenance data at each property. This data is automatically compiled for easy end-use by our regional managers. They use it to coordinate all necessary maintenance duties with outstanding efficiency and make those benefits a daily reality.

Facility Management Software

Your Reliable Groundskeeping Provider

A single reliable company should handle your facility maintenance and groundskeeping needs. We make that happen day and night across the nation by managing an already impeccable resource network with the most cutting-edge IT solutions possible. Call us today and learn how we can integrate with your existing infrastructure to not only maintain your facilities but prevent issues from even arising.

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