Common Problems Managers Face with Commercial Grounds Care

commercial grounds care

Managing a multi-site facility is no easy task and of course, a great responsibility. In this article, we will explore some common problems managers face at the moment of implementing the proper commercial grounds care. The purpose of listing these issues is also to shed some light on some possible solutions for them while analyzing certain complexities behind such problems.

Maintaining and improving your business’ look is much more than a mere aesthetic matter. It also connects with certain safety issues we will briefly develop in this article. It’s also related to functionality and ways to genuinely stand out from the rest of your competitors. Audiences today are way more demanding than they used to be and have a much more active role. Ignoring certain basic (or not so basic) aspects of commercial grounds care can put your facility in serious risk.

The Need to Be Everywhere

When you manage different locations that are geographically separated one from another, the difficulties to ensure health, safety, and comfort for both your customers and employees are certainly increased. One of the main problems is to keep up with basic inspections for all of them. Keeping up with communications, reporting, and setting a common standard program requires a centralized approach: one specific point of contact for all your locations. This is also fundamental to properly manage your human resources.

A centralized approach to your building’s information will make it easier for you to manage. With a properly organized work order system, you can prioritize and assign tasks in an easier, more efficient way. This centralized approach should also be implemented in your building’s systems. Monitoring these systems remotely can give you the ability to take immediate action in case of malfunction. 

commercial grounds care

Functionality and Safety

As a store manager you not only want clients to keep on coming, you also want to avoid any hazards for both ethical and legal reasons. Slips and falls are probably among the most common accidents that can happen in a store. They are actually the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims. So they are certainly a good case study of the importance of keeping a close eye on functionality and safety for both customers and employees alike.

In fact, stores in the State of California will be obliged to implement certain irrigation regulations in 2020. This regulation requires all new sprinklers in both residential and commercial landscapes to contain pressure regulators that restrict the water flow to 30 pounds per square inch (psi). One of the reasons behind this measure is, of course, to reduce the quantity of slip and fall lawsuits. 

As warmer seasons approach, you definitely want to think about these safety measures in advance. Strategic Grounds Management is your all-in-one commercial grounds care service provider. Whether it is snow removal, commercial landscaping or parking lot maintenance, we can give you practically every solution for your building’s ground care, with equal quality and efficiency. Call us today at (866) 520-0203 to learn more about what we can do for your business.

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