Commercial Spring Maintenance Checklist

As the weather warms, it’s time for property managers to perform spring maintenance checks and schedule needed tasks. Properties must be ready for the typically busy seasons of spring and summer. This spring, making your property look inviting and attractive is even more important.

COVID-19 conditions have made the public more aware of the importance of cleanliness. When more normal activities resume soon, people will flock to enterprises that focus on keeping their properties looking neat and functioning efficiently. Make your commercial property stand out by consulting our spring maintenance checklist.

Spring Maintenance Priorities

First impressions can make or break customer decisions regarding whether to patronize your business. Tasks that make the most difference as a customer approaches your business are those with which  Strategic Grounds is most experienced.

Commercial Building Maintenance

Mold and dust buildup can give a building’s facade a dingy look, offering the implied message that you don’t respect customers or prioritize safety. Pressure washing your building’s exterior is an inexpensive way to put out the message that quality customer service and cleanliness are your focus. 

Spring Maintenance

Parking Lot Maintenance and Repair

Lots should be seal-coated to make them look nice, and reduce cracks and damage. If potholes or other major defects have popped up, perhaps repaving is in order. And freshly lined parking spots make your place of business stand out. 

Grounds Maintenance: Landscaping Design, Trimming, Lawn Cleanup

An overgrown, messy looking lawn dotted with drooping tree limbs and shrubbery can be a turn-off.

If you want your business to have curb appeal, a spring cleanup of debris that has settled on lawns and landscaped areas is in order. Trim trees and shrubs appropriately to make them attractive., and don’t forget to weed and mulch.

Perhaps a landscaping makeover could get your business site noticed. Regular mowing and trimming throughout the growing season is a must. 

More Points for Your Spring Maintenance Checklist

Spring maintenance means more than cleaning and neatening. Checking for needed repairs and routine service is essential too. Following are a few more tips to add to your list:

  • Clean leaves from gutters.
  • Check drainage systems for leaks or blockage.
  • Inspect the building’s roof for signs of damage and schedule repairs or a re-roof if needed.
  • If the foundation shows signs of shifting or cracking, perform repairs before the damage becomes serious.
  • Check sprinkler systems.
  • Examine wood exteriors or trim for signs of weathering. Repaint if needed.
  • If your building has an outdoor deck, porch or entryway with an awning, it may need resealing or painting (every 4 to 6 years is the recommended frequency). Re-attach any loose handrails.

Strategic Grounds Maintenance offers a one-call solution to all of your spring maintenance needs, so you can focus on serving customers.

Being proactive during the current downtime is essential for any business in order to maintain current clientele and build a bigger customer base when the economy bounces back.  Contact us for spring maintenance services that will get your business looking its best for the post-coronavirus rush. 
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