Commercial Property Maintenance Tips: Preparing for Freezing Temperatures

Freezing weather will be here before you know it, and if you haven’t begun to winterize your property, now is the time. Here are some tips to help prepare your building exterior and landscaping from the freezing temperatures.

Inspect Your HVAC Systems

Before freezing weather officially arrives, make sure you’ve inspected your heating systems. A healthy HVAC is a huge part of commercial property maintenance. Create a schedule for HVAC upkeep, such as changing filters, removing buildup, locating any cracks, correcting pressure calibration, and general cleaning. Then, hire a professional to completely check the unit as early as possible. 

Consider replacing furnaces that are older than ten years old, as they will not be nearly as efficient. It’s also a good idea to turn off main water and drain water piping in spaces that will remain unheated.  All of this will ensure that your heating system works when it’s needed most. 

commercial property maintenanceDon’t Forget Cooling Systems

While you’re at it, you might as well ensure your cooling systems are working properly, in preparation for warmer months. Address any necessary replacements and repairs, and then cover all outdoor air-conditioning units that will go unused throughout the winter. Drain and winterize cooling towers that are not being used. 

Inspect the Roof

If this hasn’t been done recently, make sure a full inspection is done before winter, as it is a large part of maintaining your property that can result in expensive damage if left unchecked for too long. Winter is tough on your roofs, so look for any holes, loose shingles, leaks, and remove any debris and organic materials that have collected. Pay special attention to places water could collect. Keep an eye out throughout the season to ensure the roof is performing well. Check the insulation of the attic while you’re up there, as a poorly insulated attic can result in 25% heat loss. If your building needs more insulation, the amount you save in energy is often more than worth the addition. 

Seal Doors and Windows

In the same vein as your insulation, ensure your doors and windows are properly sealed. Weatherstripping or caulking any problem areas will save you money by preventing heat loss. 

Prepare Plumbing

Frozen pipes and flooding cause catastrophic damage and are relatively easy to prevent. Make sure freeze-detection devices and alarms are working, and test your valves before the weather gets cold. Keep your building’s internal thermostat at 55 degrees to eliminate any possibility of freezing pipes. While you’re checking the pipes, ready your irrigation systems by draining your hoses and faucets. 

Get Ready for Snow

Just assume you’re going to see snow and make sure your building has a plan. Test your snow-removal equipment so that they’re in working order. If you have a snow removal team, make sure they have a plan in action if heavy snow were to occur. Once the weather begins to tease for possible accumulation, having pavement treated with deicing chemicals makes a huge difference and saves time. 

To learn more about winter property maintenance, download our free guide below or feel free to contact us directly throughout our website.

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