Commercial Landscaping Services Considered Essential During Coronavirus

Commercial Landscaping Services as an industry was allowed to continue operations as other non-essential businesses were forced to close. Covid-19 has been wreaking havoc since it landed in the country a few months ago. The disease continues to spread across the nation putting more lives at risk.

These unprecedented times have called for unprecedented action, forcing States and Local Governments alike to shut down non-essential businesses to curtail the spread of the virus and possibly save lives.

Why Commercial Landscaping 

Commercial Landscaping has been an unlikely candidate on this list of noble practices. There is obviously a long shot between mowing lawns and flattening the curve, but believe us, every inch is justified.

Commercial Landscaping Services

Neglected Lawns Are a Health Risk

Leaving your business landscape uncared for is a health risk in itself. Tall grass harbor vermin and pests that carry disease just like the Coronavirus. If we have another outbreak within this pandemic, then 2020 will never end. Having neat lawns with the forests, trees, tall grass, and wildlife at bay communicates to your clients and customers that you care about their health and that of their loved ones.

Beautiful Landscapes Reduce Indoor Congestion

Having neat lawns and beautifully kept gardens on your premises is a good way of reducing congestion around your enterprise. If your enterprise is an essential business or still in operation, customers and employees would rather spread out outdoors, in well catered for landscapes, than stay indoors congested. Congestion at your premises, especially indoors, is likely to encourage the spread of the disease and put lives at risk.

Soothes the Soul

These are tough and trying times for any family in the nation. The Corona Virus Pandemic brings with it physical, psychological, and economic hardships that hit hardest at the most vulnerable in our societies.Having beautifully kept and managed landscapes at your business or firm can be an encouragement even to people driving or jogging by. The importance of positivity amidst such an outbreak cannot be understated, and by having a beautiful landscape, your business plays a part.

We Take Care of Our Employees

More than caring for lawns, landscaping companies care most for their employees and those running operations on the ground. Our employees, while working, will have protective equipment to stop even the slightest chance of catching the virus. The nature of Landscaping also comes to our advantage. Most of our staff work alone or in small groups outdoors away from Central business districts and large crowds.

We Do Provide Essential Services

When most people think of commercial Landscaping, lawn mowing and pruning flowers are the first things that come to mind. However, commercial Landscaping covers a wide area of services that include;

  • Ice Removal
  • Snow Removal
  • Lawn Care
  • Exterior Maintenance
  • Common Area Maintenance

Commercial Landscaping offers an all-rounded approach to all the landscaping needs of a company or firm. We provide a one-stop-shop solution for essential services required by businesses and individuals. Contact us today for any inquiries on Landscaping or if interested in having your enterprise’s landscape transformed.
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