Commercial Grounds Maintenance Tips: Preparing for the 2020 Holiday Season

With the upcoming holiday season, preparing your business for commercial grounds maintenance is more important than ever.  Whether it’s decorating, planting shrubs, or planning snow removal options, late fall is the perfect time for many of these tasks.  If you want your business to look neat and well-kept, here are some tips to make your grounds shine during the dark days of winter.

Simple Commercial Grounds Maintenance — Plant and Prune

Ever hear the phrase fall is for planting?  The late fall months are perfect to prepare your grounds for new additions (shrubs, trees, etc.).  The soil is still warm, and the air cooler; a combination plants love.  There are fewer insects and other pests around to give plants grief. It’s the perfect time to transition new shrubs or trees into your landscaping.

Pruning perennials before the tough winter hits will ensure they come back vibrant and healthy during the spring months.  Turning over the soil in the fall is another great idea.  Adding in some fertilizer and even covering it for winter will keep the soil moist and warm.  When spring hits, it’ll be ideal to turn the area into a bright and vibrant flower bed.

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Get Ready For Snow

Love it or hate it, you still need to prepare for it.  Customers visiting your commercial property will expect clear parking lots and de-icer on walkways.  This means having your snow removal plan in place before the first flake even flies.  If you’re planning on using a professional service, have that already set up.  Make sure you have adequate supplies such as shovels, salt, brooms, and a proper place to store everything.

Check Drainage Systems

Falling leaves and other debris can wreak havoc on your drainage system.  Before going into the wet and snowy months, it’s essential to check your property’s drainage for any blockages. Dirty, slushy standing water is not only unsightly but can freeze and turn hazardous into the upcoming colder weeks. 

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Get In The Holiday Spirit

Looking to brighten up your business with some festive holiday lights and decorations?  It’s easy enough if your landscaping is in good condition, and you have the proper tools to make the task a snap. 

You may want to consider trimming hedges before wrapping holiday lights around them.  A clean-cut hedge allows for easier placement of lights and a brighter display.

Wreaths and garland are perfect to display on front doors and wrap around banisters.  As with any decorating, it’s important to keep decor from blocking any part of stairs or pathways.  Make sure you have all tools on hand before decorating — clips and hooks might be needed to secure lights and garland in place and to keep the wind from blowing them astray.

Help Is Here

Our professionals at Strategic Grounds Management are available to help winterize your business and help you through the colder months.  If you’re looking for snow removal services or commercial winterization, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. 

Download The Guide to Securing Snow and Ice Removal Services This Season


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