Commercial Grounds Maintenance Best Practices for Medical Chains

Companies providing commercial grounds maintenance must adjust their services a bit for each type of business. Performing maintenance for medical chains requires a more detailed approach than similar services at some commercial sites.

Grounds maintenance staff members serving at a medical facility become an integral part of the facility’s team, rather than serving simply as a service provider. Expectations regarding appearance, conduct, and service considerations are important for every client, but high standards of professionalism are particularly essential when serving in a medical office or hospital setting. 

Here are a few guidelines:

Hiring and Training a Commercial Grounds Maintenance Team

Maintenance teams are a part of the hospital or medical office experience too. Therefore, each person performing a service at a medical facility is expected to dress neatly and treat others in a professional manner. Performing background checks on all prospective employees, selecting the best candidates, and training them not only in technical skills but in people skills too is essential.  

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Safety First

Medical facilities are high-traffic areas. Safety is a top priority. Eliminating trip and fall hazards, promptly removing snow and ice, keeping lights over parking lots and walkways functioning, controlling potential predators, eliminating fire hazards, are primary concerns which should be addressed by grounds maintenance staff.

Confer With Facility Managers on a Regular Basis

To avoid causing further disruption in the lives of patients, staff and visitors, it is best to schedule noisy or disruptive tasks at times when they will cause the least impact. For example, mowing should not be done early in the morning, or during peak visitation times.

In order to schedule maintenance tasks at times that work best, and to accomplish them in the manner the facility prefers, it’s advisable to meet with senior staff members, such as the facility manager, CEO, and nursing director on a regular basis.

Design Considerations

Patients and their family members don’t voluntarily choose to visit medical facilities. Many are undergoing some of the most stressful events of their lives. The state of our surroundings can affect our sense of well- being.

While some commercial sites feature large lawns, areas covered with stone, and plantings with few detailed features, medical sites should instead incorporate greenery which offers soothing or inspirational impressions, graceful details, unique blooms in calming colors. Comfort and peace should be the focus. Access to shade and comfortable seating in areas with attractive views are great features.

Healthcare workers are considered heroes, especially during these days of coronavirus worries. Their jobs, while often rewarding, are also stressful even in the best of times. We owe them a debt of respect, gratitude, and consideration.

At Strategic Grounds, we thank every staff member of America’s extensive network of quality medical facilities. We have always provided grounds maintenance services for medical and dental chains. Our professional staff is proud to consider themselves a part of the team at each site we service. Contact us to learn more about our company’s philosophy and how we can make your health care facility’s surroundings safer, more relaxing, and inviting for staff and patients.
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