What Are the Benefits of Commercial Parking Lot Sealcoating?

MARCH 21, 2024

While not made to last forever, asphalt parking lots can reach a long lifespan when properly maintained. Sealcoating is one way to ensure you catch minor cracks before they become...


Why Parking Lot Sweeping Is Needed for Commercial Properties

FEBRUARY 8, 2024

Parking lot maintenance sets the tone for new visitors and can help protect your property’s value long-term. Learn more about the benefits of adding routine parking lot sweeping services to...


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4 Reasons To Invest in Parking Lot Repair Before Winter

NOVEMBER 22, 2022

The best time to fix your parking lot’s surfaces is during pre-winter months from September through November. When the temperature drops, the cold weather and excess moisture can wreak havoc...


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How Often Should You Have Your Parking Lot Repaved?

OCTOBER 26, 2022

Your parking lot relates to safety, aesthetics, branding and functionality of your business. This makes it crucial to keep it in top shape at all times.  Although asphalt parking lot...


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3 Signs It’s Time to Seal Coat Your Parking Lot

JUNE 8, 2022

As your parking lot accommodates the cars of your clients and customers day after day, it may start to seem invincible. However, if you don’t regularly apply a new seal...


Parking Lot Striping

How Often Should Parking Lot Striping Be Redone?

JANUARY 20, 2021

Maintaining the parking lot is often an overlooked aspect of grounds maintenance. However, ensuring that your parking lot is well maintained and striped improves your business’s overall impression and parking...


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Understanding the Effects of Snowy Weather on Asphalt

DECEMBER 23, 2020

Cold temperatures and freezing moisture can have a serious impact on asphalt and concrete surfaces. If your parking lot or walkways sustain damage during the winter season, you’ll need to...


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Why You Should Invest In Concrete and Asphalt Repairs Before Winter

SEPTEMBER 30, 2020

Parking lot maintenance is an essential part of maintaining the grounds in your commercial property. It includes a range of activities, including sealing in cracks, using new asphalt, painting and,...


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How to Avoid Major Concrete Repairs

SEPTEMBER 17, 2020

Concrete is a durable construction material, commonly used on sidewalks, curbs, and parking lots for its strength. However, over time, the concrete may become damaged.  Have you noticed small cracks...