6 Eco-Friendly Building Updates for Earth Day

APRIL 4, 2024

Celebrate Earth Day this April 22 by making some environmentally friendly updates to the properties you manage. Not only can these ideas make them better for the planet, but they...


Your End-of-Year Building Maintenance Checklist

DECEMBER 19, 2023

One of the most important aspects of being a property manager or owner is performing routine maintenance. Whether you own one building or several, ensuring that your properties are running...


What Does a Commercial Property Management Company Do?

OCTOBER 24, 2023

If you’re a business owner or regional manager in charge of multi-site properties, chances are you’re all too familiar with the juggling act required to keep everything running smoothly. Handling...


winter property maintenance

5 Winterization Tips for Commercial Buildings

AUGUST 30, 2023

Owning and working in any commercial building or property means you should always take the necessary measures to keep it in its best condition. Winter is one of the most...


3d rendering of condenser unit or compressor outside factory plant.

How Does an HVAC Zoning System Work?

JULY 14, 2023

Having cold and hot patches might be a sign of a faulty HVAC system. However, it can still be a preference to have some zones colder or hotter than others....


The Ultimate Guide to Facilities Management

JUNE 15, 2023

Facilities management is an essential aspect of any business or organization that operates in a physical space. It is the practice of coordinating and maintaining the physical assets and infrastructure...


3d rendering of condenser unit or compressor outside factory plant.

Tips to Keep Your Commercial Air Conditioning Running This Summer

MAY 10, 2023

As temperatures rise during the summer, keeping your commercial air conditioning system running efficiently becomes crucial. A malfunctioning air conditioning system causes discomfort for employees and customers and can lead...


A Guide To Understanding HVAC Systems

APRIL 19, 2023

The winter and summer days come with their own bit of discomfort — extremely cold days leave you almost yearning for fire, and unforgiving hot days make a cold bath...


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4 Key Functions Of Commercial Landscape Design

MARCH 21, 2023

It’s easy to see commercial landscaping design as another business expense, but really it’s an investment.  Appearances matter a lot and the way your property looks is a reflection of...