5 Reasons to Hire an Asphalt Repair Company to Remedy Potholes

An asphalt repair company can be a hero to managers and owners of business properties menaced by potholes, and to customers and clients.

Potholes are not only a nuisance to drivers. They are a potentially dangerous hazard. Their presence poses a risk of vehicle damage and personal injury to your employees and to all who visit your company’s facility. A hazardous parking lot threatens your ability to maintain a steady customer or client base.

People favor gas stations, banks, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, medical clinics, whose owners wisely call in asphalt repair crews promptly when these driving hazards appear.

Why are potholes bad for business?  

1. Potholes Can Damage Vehicles

Potholes can puncture tires, bend or crack wheels. Even a minor impact can knock a vehicle out of alignment. Shocks, struts, and suspension systems are also at risk. Today’s tires are not cheap to replace and if the damage is more extensive, repairs are a hardship for many vehicle owners.

The holes are often hard to see, especially in parking lots, so drivers often can’t avoid them. Customers will remember businesses where their cars received damage. Hiring an asphalt repair company can save business’ money by keeping people coming.

Asphalt Repair Company

2. Potholes Can Cause a Driver to Lose Control of a Vehicle

A particularly severe impact when hitting a pothole can cause any car or truck to go out of control. Motorcycle riders are particularly vulnerable, even to the point of suffering fatalities simply from hitting a pothole. With so many lawyers available to represent victims of accidents, it’s in your best interest to keep your property pothole-free and safe.

3. Potholes Can Lead to Water Infiltration and Pavement Erosion

Snow and rain seepage cause potholes in the first place. Once a large hole is formed, more and more liquid can run underneath the pavement, eroding the soil that supports it, pushing the sections further apart, and causing ever more extensive damage. A quick repair now saves the need for a total repaving job later.

4.  The Presence of Potholes Affects Your Business’ Credibility and Image

If the parking lot of business is pockmarked by blemishes, what are customers to think of the organization’s management, its products, and services? The care a company invests in its outer appearance and the safety of customers who come onto the premises is one of the top factors that form impressions and expectations of potential customers about the quality of a business.  

5.  Potholes are Simply Annoying to Customers

As in most aspects of life, putting oneself in the place of another offers the best insight. Would you frequent a facility whose parking lot featured driving hazards you had to dodge to avoid car damage? If another facility existed close by which offered the same services, minus pothole obstacles, the question would be a no brainer. 

Potholes are a danger in addition to an annoyance, but sometimes it’s simply the annoyance that affects people the most. In today’s economy, no business can afford to needlessly lose customers. Getting potholes fixed promptly should be a priority for every business.

Strategic Grounds offers quality asphalt repair services in addition to addressing other property maintenance concerns. Contact us not only for pothole repairs but for snow and ice removal services, lawn care, exterior building and parking lot maintenance . . . keep your business looking its best.                          
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