4 Essential Vacant Property Services You Need This Spring

Commercial properties can become vacant for a number of reasons. Whether construction was halted during build-out or the tenant was evicted, property owners need to maintain an “occupied” appearance by investing in vacant property services such as lawn care and exterior building maintenance.

In addition to protecting the property from potential vandalism and theft, regular maintenance is necessary to protect the brand’s image and prevent code violations from the city. But what are the essential vacant property services and who can you trust to do the job? Keep reading to find out!

vacant property services

Benefits of Seeking Vacant Property Services

Maintaining an “occupied” appearance is essential when a property is vacant. Below are some of the primary benefits that come with vacant property services:

  • Reduced risk of accidents
  • Prevention of vandalism
  • Prevention of code violations
  • Maintain property values
  • Maintain public image

Essential Vacant Property Services

To mitigate the risk, property owners should work with an outside maintenance partner to ensure the property is in good condition while vacant. Some essential services you’ll need this spring include:

1. Exterior Building Maintenance

This includes power washing, removing signs of vandalism (such as graffiti), reporting damages such as broken windows, and other general maintenance items. This will help maintain a healthy image for the public and prevent severe damages to the building exterior.

2. General Landscaping

Vacant properties still need the same general landscaping services that an occupied property needs. This includes mulch installation, bush and shrub maintenance, weed control, and fertilizing among others. These kinds of services will keep the property looking nice and neat while also preventing the need for more complicated (and expensive) jobs in the future.

3. Lawn Care and Debris Removal

Nothing screams “vacant” like an empty lot full of overgrown weeds and strewn with debris. Not only is this an open invitation to vandals and squatters, but it is also a good way to annoy your neighbors and attract code violations.

When a property starts to go downhill, the value of the surrounding lots can suffer, as well. In order to protect property values and keep the neighborhood in shape, cities will often issue fines and citations for property violations. Making sure the lawn is freshly cut, weeds are pulled, and debris is being cleaned should be top concerns for vacant property owners.

4. Concrete and Asphalt Repair

Concrete and asphalt surfaces are prone to all kinds of damages. Over time they can develop cracks, potholes, and become uneven. Needless to say, this is not a good image for commercial property and these kinds of damages need to be fixed as soon as possible. 

As part of your vacant property services, make sure your maintenance partner is able to provide services such as pothole repair, seal coating, crack sealing, restriping, and other essential concrete work.

Vacant Property Services for the Spring

Vacant properties still need the same general maintenance that occupied properties require. However, it can be done on a less frequent basis. For example, you might not need someone at the property every day or even every week. In these cases, you can arrange for bi-weekly or even monthly visits just to keep things in shape. And rather than working with multiple contractors, it is better to work with a single company that can manage ALL your vacant property services under one roof. Contact Strategic Grounds Management today or download our free Spring Maintenance Checklist to learn more!
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