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Simplifying Grounds Management


We can fix your problem. When you work with Strategic Grounds Management, we'll handle all of your commercial grounds' management needs. You'll no longer be working with a handful of maintenance companies — you'll be working with one.

Let Strategic Grounds Management take care of your property grounds maintenance needs. We have two core services — commercial grounds maintenance and commercial snow removal.

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Commercial Property Grounds Maintenance

The exterior of your commercial properties is important to your business. When you have a well-maintained, beautiful exterior, your customers and clients will go inside with an already positive view of your business. You need to worry about how your company is operating from the inside. You shouldn't have to worry about the upkeep of the outside of your buildings. That's where Strategic Grounds Management steps in.

We'll do all of your landscaping, whether you have one location or are a multi-site company. Here's all that we can take care of for you with our commercial property management services:

Whatever needs to be done, we're ready to handle it. When you know that the exterior of your commercial properties is being properly maintained by a multi-site landscaping company, you can worry about the day-to-day operations and success of your business. It's one less thing on your plate.

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For multi-site commercial property owners, spring maintenance can be a huge project. In this FREE checklist, you’ll learn how to accomplish the following:

  • Improve the health and appearance of your landscaping
  • Keep your property safe for tenants and customers
  • Remove potential health hazards such as mold growth
  • Remove potential liabilities such as potholes

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Commercial Snow Removal

Winter may be a busy time of year for your business, especially if you're in the retail industry. But no matter what type of company you have, snow and ice can negatively impact it. On a day with bad weather, there will already be fewer people out. You're already likely to have a slower day than usual when it's snowing.

Strategic Grounds Management will address snowfall quickly to make your property accessible and safe for your customers, clients, and employees. If the parking lot has not been plowed, your customers will not stop in. If the sidewalks are icy, someone may fall and hurt themselves. If you have to close your store because of snow or deal with a suit from an injured customer, you'll lose money. All of these scenarios will negatively affect your business but are also easily avoidable.

We'll immediately address your property's snow removal needs to make sure your business can open as planned and allow customers or clients to safely maneuver.

Contact us right away if you're ready to take advantage of high-quality grounds management.

Great work and fair prices. Strategic Grounds seems to always go the extra mile to ensure we receive what is expected. Over 2 years of great work.